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  1. It would all surely be a lot easier to go back to mining, we surely have the ability to clean the coal these days, this could be used in Coal fired stations thus giving work back to miners and others again. Wind turbines are useless and kill the wildlife, case in point rare birds and eagles killed recently. So unsightly resulting in less tourism in area's which rely on this to survive. Even Germany which has a proliferation of so called eco energy has started rebuilding coal fired stations to combat the loss of energy. We cannot be the only country which will allow our manufacturing to decline altogether and unless we are willing to build a bubble around our atmosphere our small amount of savings on CO2 is minimal in contrast to the developing world. In a couple of years we could see rationing back for energy as it was in the 70's. Start to stack up on your candles!!!!
  2. Totally stupid idea from the start, they work only intermittently, when there is no wind or very bad weather they have to be switched off and put on the general electricity which seems a waste of taxpayers money. The only people who gain are the owners of the turbine or the land area built on, they are highly subsidised by us yet again via our bills. Have to think again! ;)
  3. I agree you should'nt have to pay to see your doctor but must also say that doctors should be taking care of their patients by dealing with out of hours/weekend calls. I don't know of any surgeries with fewer than 6 doctors working in them so they should be using a rota system. Many working people working these days have to do shifts, so I see no reason that doctors can't.
  4. Very good book and yes have seen the film a couple of times, mind you not for a few years now!
  5. Hi I can understand your feeling of frustration, I had two posters through my door but no one ever does or seem to knock on doors and ask you for your opionion these days, still regardless of that fact I will still go and vote even though there is not a lot to choose from. It is the only way to make your feelings known & my ancestors fought hard to get a vote so waste not want not as it where!
  6. Ours was off for hours did'nt come back on till approx 8. 40 last night !
  7. I have sent them an email stating my views on the subject of Old Oswestry Hill Fort it would be a complete desecration of a wonderful historical site how would people feel if the same thing was done to Maiden Castle there would be uproar!
  8. You know the old saying "Money always goes to money" it should be sustainable but not if it never reaches or helps the people it was intended for !
  9. Well it appears that we have lost out to Shropshire Planning they are allowing planning permission for houses on Spekes Field despite the facts that were put forward by the residents in the area. Democracy is now dead and the Parish Council have not helped at all. Are you going to ask the residents if they wish to be a hub or a cluster, even the Falklands can have a referendum you know we are not Russia (yet) !!!
  10. Well it looks like the planning committee for Shropshire might well have other idea's about the 6 houses per year if as is likely this coming Tuesday they will be allowing 7 houses to be built courtesy of the Parish Council on one site alone in Chirk Bank and where one leads others follow. The parish council have still not asked residents as yet whether we will want to be a hub or a cluster where is the democracy!
  11. Must admit the idea of an internet cafe is really interesting! Could also turn it into a reading read with papers. You can do so much especially with the internet to hand, even get idea's and patterns on there should imagine for the Knit & natter group!
  12. The Parish Council is acting without due process, they have not asked on single resident (as far as I know) what their thoughts are on having 1000 new houses built in the area. What happened to democracy" government for the people by the people". We are not living in the middle ages, where the local guilds and reeve of the manor decided how the peasants lived. Shropshire County Council themselves have said that even they do not require that many buildings being put within one small parish. So what agenda is the parish council working on? Remember you are there to support the people of the parish not the building companies or landowners!
  13. That was interesting and thank you for going! especially in the weather we have been having. I must admit I don't think £10,000.00 is going to get Oswestry very far, What we actually need are some stores to want to come to Oswestry and invest in it's future but with rents so high it's not easy. We could do with a new clothes store and shoe store as Stead & Simpson is closing down and don't know about you but Clarks are rather expensive and do not have a lot of choice. Anyway wait to hear of any updates. Thanks again for letting us know. Laura
  14. "A tree in Winter"

    © Laura Cosby

  15. Laura

    Happy new year

    Happy New year all, hope the sun decides to shine for a change!
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