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  1. VW T5.1 Transporter/Camper FOR SALE http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/352222484580?roken=cUgayN
  2. If anyone is interested in sponsoring our challenge follow the link - https://t.co/aKveJsALDp
  3. Friends from the Weston Rhyn area are to take on a 500mile cycle challenge from Oswestry to it's Twin Town, Combs la Ville. One of the team will be myself and we will start the 500 mile journey on the 12th April, head to Straford upon Avon, to London where we will pick up the Avenue Verte cycle route, and then the over night ferry to Dieppe. From Dieppe we stay on the Avenue Verte taking its longer Eastern route to Paris then on to Combs la Ville. The challenge will completed for charity, we have chosen SANDS UK and Kicks Count and then the Rotary Club of Oswestry have kindly agreed to accept some of the money raised from our Challenge and distribute it on our behalf to selected charities in the Oswestry area. They include: Oswestry Young Carers Oswestry Community Action Oswestry & Borders Foodbank... The Movement Centre Oswestry You can follow updates and progress on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/toast37/ and on Twitter www.twitter.com/o2clv
  4. I was trying to send you a message.... I think your inbox must be full
  5. You would need to include the reinstating of the A5 crossing and the bridge where Whittington Road meets Gobowen Road and numerous other works. The cost would soon escalate. As a grand plan to overhaul Oswestry I think it may have merit, but as a standalone steam engine route not.
  6. IIRC a figure I heard was £1million per mile of railway. You also need to reinstate the bridge at Whittington Road and then Middleton Road and Salop Road if you are to carry on the route past Oswestry.
  7. What were the group stages for if we can vote in or out tomorrow? #confused think we should vote in, I reckon we can have Iceland
  8. 142 likes on Facebook and 522 Followers on Twitter
  9. Thanks for the comments, as Simple Simon mentions about there has been a lot of effort and costs to the promotion. There are 264 members of this forum and the group email posted to over 200 of those members and just 11 come back with a response.
  10. What's is the consensus of opinion over Parish Council Minutes posted here? When I originally started the forum, Parish Council's either didn't have websites or had items posted in obscure places buried within other websites. St.Martins don't send me any and TBH rarely engage in the website, Weston Rhyn send me information, although the agenda is always sent after the event and now Gobowen/Selattyn prefer to post on their own website. Should they continue to be posted on Community Online?
  11. There was a section Countryfile about new powers being brought in England and Wales, which means horses can be seized and in many cases rehomed. Details of the program are here and it might still be available on iplayer - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06ymqmm
  12. The newer ones definitely download OK, the earlier ones might not due the me loosing a load of data in an update last year. Lee
  13. Roundabout edition are available here too :)
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