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  1. neo

    Inny or Outy?

    Well I wasn't expecting that!
  2. neo

    Inny or Outy?

    Good point, TBH, I don't pretend to understand much about politics or football. Not many votes cast, but all for REMAIN at the moment.
  3. neo

    Inny or Outy?

    With the vote just a day away it would be interesting to see if you are an IN or an OUT. Vote on the poll and leave any comments.....
  4. Well done! Great to see local people doing exciting things!
  5. neo


    Thanks Lee, looks like it was an exciting project!
  6. neo


    Maybe it was just me..... weird
  7. neo


    It was a few weeks ago now, but who else spotted this strange site over the area??
  8. neo


    Spotted in the sky over Chirk.....

    © Neo

  9. whats the idea behind that then? Highlight other people to its whereabouts? Who does the painting?
  10. Any one else think its a little bit strange that there are no mention of the election on here? Surely this would have been a great place for candidates to discuss there policies and answer any questions. With 260 members and lots of followers on Twitter/Facebook you would think it could be a good place to campaign. Opportunity missed??
  11. If "the community" were to buy it what would happen to it? I assume keep it as a pub, would it be managed and employ local people?
  12. wow, what a great story. Great to have a piece of your family history like that. Good that the person made contact and didnt just throw the picture away.
  13. Fantastic site Lee, some impressive figures there! Keep up the great work,
  14. Just bags, I think. Do a search for Apple Brand Mini Ziplock bag and you will see loads of them. They could have contained anything.....
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