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  1. Without having to google endlessly, can anyone suggest a good, affordable B&B in the area on a regular bus route into Gobowen? It has to be on a bus route as these people will be arriving by train and visiting Gobowen daily, so that probably discounts Selattyn, Hengoed and Weston Rhyn. Many thanks.
  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone on Community Online.
  3. I have some experience here, and I must say I was expecting it.
  4. Simple Simon

    Oswestry Branch Railway Line

    A series of images showing the existing condition of the old disused Oswestry Branch Railway line from Gobowen.
  5. This could just simply be a case of members forgetting their passwords, as there's certainly no shortage of topics to talk about. I must admit I'm a lurker circling in the deep dark depths of the "Who's Online" section, constantly refreshing it to see what topics the Guests are reading. There appears to be a spike during Saturday evenings, probably because of the twaddle on telly.
  6. It boils down to the cost and effort to keep the site running against the lack of engagement from the membership. As to promotion...and off the top of my head: The username mugs to each member and some distributed free around the villages, the two competitions upstairs in Oswestry Indoor Market, the posters in Hengoed and Gobowen, the flyers featuring a link to the site distributed to EVERY HOUSEHOLD (bar 2) in Gobowen, the voting boxes in the Post Office, the Garden Café and Gobowen Library, flyers featuring links sent to some households around Oswestry, the brand new football kit with the logo (match funded out of our own pockets), updates in the Roundabout (including the latest issue)...I'm sure the list can be added to. From a very nasty and hungry Great White. ...and the banner for the IT project... ...eh, and the cuddly toy...
  7. This is just a guess: Shropshire Council. You probably need the Highways Department. It would be better to email them and keep a record of when you send the email (create a folder for it), then you can refer back. Good luck.
  8. It's my understanding that the Wren will be 40 this summer. What items would the readers of Weston Rhyn like to see included in future issues?
  9. aha!...a Scorpion! Two pincers at the front and a poison spike in the tail. Happy Birthday.
  10. The new housing development on the old coalyard in Gobowen, October 2015.
  11. Simple Simon

    Canal Bridge

    The bridge over the Llangollen Canal (or the Shropshire Canal...or the Chester Extension...whatever), in Henlle.
  12. Simple Simon

    New Homes

    The new estate being built in Watt's Meadow, Gobowen, 2015. The only way to access this estate via car is via the small roundabout as you enter the village from the south. This photograph was taken from a very narrow footbridge (only wide enough for one person) that crosses the railway line.
  13. Simple Simon

    The Meadows

    The short footbridge that crosses the River Perry in The Meadows, Gobowen.
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