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  1. Wind turbines are ok, but they are no very efficient, they only work unto a certain speed wind. Too strong and they have to be turned off. What we do have a endless supply of is waves along the coast line. There are much more effective power generators being developed to harness the power of the sea.
  2. Is this open to all Maggie, could i submit a Saturn Photo? Paul
  3. Come along for a free taster session. we will be explaining the course, showing you some tips. Come along to St Martins Centre and have a chat.
  4. Hi Everyone , I have been on the forum a few weeks now and only just saw the introduce yourself section. So here is my belated hello. I live in Weston Rhyn and im a freelance music photographer by trade, i have been the official Osfest photographer last year and again this year. Now i have been awarded a star person award to get my new photography training company off the ground. we aim to help carers and other who find it hard to get out because they may not have time because of caring commitments or maybe just dont get out much. With photography and film as a release so they can get out to relax and to let your creative side out. Paul
  5. Hi Simon, Thanks for the advice, did you get many people on the course you ran? Paul
  6. Hi Maggie, Yes i also do filming and editing, are you filming on tape or digitally? Paul
  7. Im a local photography company based in Weston Rhyn, if there are any clubs, groups or organisations who need any photography work, courses or help please get in touch at www.aquarian-photographycic.co.uk We aim to help local people in anyway we can, see how we can work together Paul
  8. Thanks Maggie, I had not been in touch with the Disability Holiday Information group but i have now emailed them. There are really great groups in the local area that are doing really good work. I am going to have to dig more into what the county has to offer. Paul
  9. Register your interest on my site please Michelle and i can get the ball rolling with a course in your area, thanks Maggie im adding instructional videos for people who have taken the course soon. But i also want to expand how it can help carers and people who are socially isolated.
  10. Please come along and learn with us about practical photography for beginners . 10am-1pm at St Martins Centre, bring a camera. We do have some DSLR cameras to hire, first come first served as camera numbers are limited.
  11. Hello all, I am running basic practical photography and editing courses and I'm looking to run one in the Institute. These will be very hands on courses where you will learn about taking photographs under different conditions. The editing courses will be using free editing software so you can use it later at home. If you would like to find out more about the courses and what we are about then please have a look at the website for more information www.aquarian-photographycic.co.uk As the name suggests we are a community interest company and very much about trying to help people to learn new skills to improve their life. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Paul
  12. Im new to the village, well 5 years now. But the institute is a vital part of village life for those who don't drive. The elderly need places to meet and have functions. How many days/ evenings are the facilities being used at the moment?I know im planning on using it to run courses there, because of its central location. Paul
  13. im also going to be using Weston Rhyn institute and a venue in Gobowen once i find one. then spreading out over shropshire. I need to find the people to book both venues, the first course is in St Martins because i was checking out the centre and the facilities looked good.
  14. Hi Lee, I am a Unltd award winner, just now rolling out practical photography courses for beginners. Im trying to give people who find it hard to get time for themselves (carers) and the older members out there. new hobbies so that they can get out and enjoy new things. First course is being held in St Martins Centre starting Monday April the 8th 10-1pm. everyone welcome, bring your camera along or hire a dslr cmera to use, limited supply. 5 week block course, can guarantee it will be a fun and easy going course.
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