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  1. MISSING! Shelly is missing from St Martin's since Saturday 8th July 2017. Have you seen a male olive Hermann's Tortoise (Testudo Hermanni)? Outgoing, confident 14 years old, approx. 15cm (size of a tea cup saucer). Likely to find shelter amongst flower beds/ behind sheds, please check vegetation before strimming/ using garden fork etc. Favourite treats are tomatoes & strawberries, which would attract him to your door step from the garden. If you have seen or heard anything about this animal, please contact Sophie Hughes on 07525 457193 or 01691 778806. Our pet is microchipped and registered on Petlog. We have registered our pet on the Petlog Lost Page and vets, animal wardens and welfare representatives are actively looking for our pet. Please share!
  2. Hi all, I am hoping to hold a Pause for Paws Coffee Morning event to raise money for RSPCA Wrexham District & Deeside Branch. The branch is an independent registered charity (Charity number: 232232), run by volunteers and only exists thanks to public donations. Every penny raised will directly help to care for abused, sick, injured and abandoned animals that the branch treat from the local area. Does anyone have any ideas where a coffee morning could take place, free of charge? E.g. at someone's house in the kitchen, dining room, conservatory, garden; at work in a canteen, staff room, or at their desks; or at a local meeting room like a community centre, pub with function room, sports or social club. If anyone would be willing to provide a venue/ help run a coffee morning/ donate raffle prizes/ bake cakes & biscuits (my mum said she would do this) I would be extremely grateful. I will organise the marketing/ publicity of the event, run the event, donate some raffle prizes and bake cakes but I still need a venue, and some outside help to spread the word is greatly needed. Thanks, Sophie Hughes RSPCA Wrexham District & Deeside Branch Volunteer Event Organiser
  3. Please complete my 2 minute survey about food choices and waste management- it's for my degree! http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SS9KB9W

  4. Hi I would love to set up an environmental/ animal group for children and young people in the area. Topics such as sustainability, wildlife conservation, climate change and animals in general would be taught through weekly meetings, practical workshops, visits to local places of interest and the creation and maintenance of a wildlife area. Information from organisations including RSPB, Wildlife Trust, WWF, National Trust, Chester Zoo, RSPCA etc would be used to build on members knowledge and interest of important issues regarding the topics above. Has anyone got any other suggestions e.g. where would be the best place to set up and meet at? Possibly Weston Rhyn Institute as they have land suitable for a wildlife area? Please reply if you would like to help set up and run such a group or whether you have or know children or young people who would be interested in joining such a group. Thanks, Sophie :)
  5. My Auntie, artist Beth Roberts from Gobowen, is in the process of creating a large canvas artwork with an Olympics theme which will be raffled to raise money towards the trip costs. It will be displayed in the Willow Street Art Gallery, Oswestry soon. Raffle tickets will be sold there at £2 each. I will be leaving from Manchester on Saturday 7th July. I would like to carbon offset my flights to and from Africa, and also take some gifts/ money to the local community charities I will be working with. I also need a large rucksack, maybe someone has one I could borrow, to save me buying one?
  6. Congratulations to Mrs Joan King from Chirk Bank who has won the giant milk chocolate Easter egg donated by The Vale Of Llangollen Lions Club today! I managed to sell 94/100 tickets for the raffle, thank you to everyone that bought them! :)
  7. Hi, I'm Sophie. I live in Chirk Bank, with my parents, boyfriend and little sister. I've just adopted 4 Guinea Pigs, I also own 2 rabbits and 2 tortoises we also have 2 cats, 3 linolated parakeets and a golden cocker spaniel called Skye. I'm in my second year at Liverpool Hope University studying BSc (Hons) Environmental Management & Tourism. I'm off to South Africa & Swaziland in July with Volunteer Eco Students Abroad. I'm a bit of an Eco Warrior at heart...
  8. Think I need to discuss this with you Maggie... I don't really know what to do :/ I don't have a proper plan and I don't really have time at the moment to do one, with all my University assignments and exams coming up!
  9. Yes, this sounds like a good plan... Is anyone interested in being part of a wildlife group then? I can't do it on my own!
  10. Had a great time in Berlin this week, want to go back again soon!

  11. Is aching after climbing up Mam Tor in the Peak District yesterday

  12. Hi Louise, I have been advised to contact you about applying for the Star People funding. I am interested in starting a local wildlife (conservation/ volunteering) group, possibly through the RSPB or Wildlife Trust. I also like the idea of encouraging children as well as adults to get involved so maybe start a RSPB Wildlife Explorers/ Wildlife Trust Watch group for children and young people- to educate about the environment and local wildlife through practical activities. I have been contacted in response to my idea by Alex Fairclough from BTCV Cymru who has put in a funding application for a conservation project including engagement with the community along the new World Heritage area which spans from Lion Quays, Chirk down to Horseshoe Falls, Llangollen. In terms of other environmental ideas for the local community, creating a wildlife area with wildlife friendly plants, bird/bat boxes, feeders etc and a hide or bench would benefit the community by creating a place to escape and relax through wildlife watching. It would also be nice to have some sort of community run shop selling seasonal local produce, organic, fair trade foods and conveniences. It would be great to have a community tree planting day to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee too. Unfortunately, I will be at Liverpool Hope University all day on Friday 16th March, therefore unable to meet you in person to discuss these ideas.
  13. Hi Alex, I'm really interested in doing some conservation volunteering with the BTCV, please let me know if you are successful with the funding application! My e-mail address is: sophhughes@hotmail.co.uk Unfortunately I will be at University in Liverpool on Friday so I won't be able to meet Louise from UnLtd, if anyone else is also interested in setting up a wildlife/ conservation volunteering group then maybe they could meet her?
  14. Raised over £40 profit at the Weston Rhyn Play Group car boot sale last Sunday

  15. Raised over £40 profit at the Weston Rhyn Play Group car boot sale last Sunday

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