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    Traffic calming through Gobowen and St. Martins. I read with interest the article in the Oswestry & Border Chronicle concerning "Villagers' Speed Camera Offer" and wonder if any other members are interested in discussing this important matter which should be of concern to all of us. The Police cannot be constantly patrolling the road and the only way of preventing these dangerous drivers from speeding though our area with no regard for safety is to have proper speed cameras installed. I understand that there is some sort of community fund being set up to pay for this so, if any one has any information about it I would be pleased to hear more and make a small contribution. We have put up with months of Heavy A5 traffic trundling and often speeding past our homes between 9pm and 6am and little improvement, if any, seems to have been achieved at the Gledrid roundabout for all the inconvenience and disturbed sleep for such an extended period that we have all suffered. Irrespective of the A5 traffic which I believe and hope will be finished at the end of this month we need to concentrate on the ordinary every-day speeding which takes place and take action to reduce the danger.
  2. Thanks Bethan for keeping us updated and I agree with your comments. What has happened with our community spirit I wonder as there seems to be little interest in the area in general? Having made that comment I was very pleased to such a good attendance at the actual meeting which comprised, as far as I could see, of true natives who care for our environment. On my to and from Birmingham by train I pass a fairly similar in sized solar farm site around the Wellington area and it looks absolutely dreadful almost at the foot of the Wrekin and I hate the thought of our lovely area being desecrated in a similar way.
  3. I hope those of the community who care for our beautiful landscape will attend the meeting in the Gobowen Playing Fields Pavilion at 7pm next Tuesday the 17th January to appeal against the erection of the proposed 20 meter (65.5 feet) high mast on farmland in beautiful Rhosygadfa. I am sure we are all in favour of solar energy on roof tops and on factory sites etc., but not on prime agricultural land and especially in such a beautiful area of our lovely county. Agricultural land should be for just that; the production of food for and not turned into industrial sites. Rhosygadfa is a particularly beautiful part of our county and should not be allowed to be spoiled by industrial usage.
  4. Hi Bethan, What on earth is going on here? The controversial solar farm was refused permission on appeal by the Secretary of State, so what on earth is a mast required for when there is and I hope never will be a solar farm in that area of outstanding natural beauty? The application sounds very suspicious as surely it would not be financially viable to erect a mast for general public use internet connections for such a short period. if BT are proposing to lay proper cables within the next 18 months. Happy New Year,, Rob
  5. Lee! I thought I had made it clear that my reason for wanting the reinstatement of the link between Oswestry and Gobowen was simply to facilitate commuters and certain not just for a steam engine route.
  6. Hi Lee, Thanks for your update. I have no idea of the cost but at £1million per mile that does not sound excessive as the service would be for Oswestry commuters and the distance between Gobowen Station and Oswestry is only about three miles. I do feel that this important link should be reinstated even though I appreciate the A5 users might not like it!
  7. I don't think it would cost "ten's of millions of pounds" to restore the link between Gobowen and Oswestry railway stations and, as a regular used of Gobowen station, I do think the link should be restored. As anyone who uses Gobowen station regularly will observe, the car park is nearly always full and the adjacent streets are now becoming overflow car parks. I suspect that many passengers come from Oswestry and surrounding areas and that the link would alleviate the congestion. OK! I know that the A5 would not benefit from the barriers being used once more, but if the link was restored say for morning and evening commuters the route would be unaffected for the majority of the day. I guess I shall make myself most unpopular with the car users but we are fast approaching the stage where something needs to be done to reduce road traffic. As for using a steam engine to provide the service that had not crossed my mind!
  8. I think that such a return to its original use as a waiting-room plus the other above mentioned proposals are all great ideas, and I certainly feel the return of a footbridge would be an advantage in view of the lengthy delay once the level crossing gates have been closed. I am delighted to read in today's (Thursday October 6) Oswestry & Border Chronicle, that the Building is getting the attention it deserves and that there are proposals for its purchase and restoration to its former beauty. I read that an open day is planned for October 19 between 8am and 7pm in the waiting room; not sure which one but that is not a problem. Shrewsbury station is at long last getting some attention and it will be great if our attractive Italianate Gobowen one is looked after properly as well.
  9. I don't even consider economy here Bethan. I am all for green energy but not in beautiful and agricultural locations.
  10. GREAT NEWS! The appeal for the Solar Farm has been refused:- Appeal Decision Site visit made on 14 April 2016 by Louise Crosby MA MRTPI an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Decision date: 06 June 2016 Appeal Ref: APP/L3245/W/16/3142392 Rhosygadfa, Gobowen, SY10 7BP 
  11. My Twitter response to Shropshire Council’s wonderful rooftop solar panels:- Fine on rooftops but not fine on good quality and beautiful scenic farmlands.
  12. Thanks Bethan, I hope all concerned will be aware of this arrangement and manager to turn up.
  13. Just popped back to make the following comment Lee:- I have found on several occasions that friends, to whom I have mentioned Community Online, have been unaware of it. Obviously advertising would be expensive and I am wondering if it would be useful for a leaflet to be produced for handing out door to door in our local areas; I certainly would be happy to have a go in the Gobowen area. Rob
  14. I can understand your request Lee. I find it an excellent way of keeping in touch with local events and would be very sad to lose the interests and benefits of it. I am guilty of not signing-in often enough and rather rely on receiving emails from those who do; particularly when there is something of great importance i.e., Solar farms etc. Many thanks, Kind regards, Rob
  15. I agree with you Bethan, I have ticked this as a "like" but I certainly don't like it! I am surprised and disappointed as we need all the enthusiasm we can muster to overcome this threat to our farmland and food production. I imagine that many, like myself, are putting off other matters to attend this meeting and a time limit of 15 minutes does seem unreasonable and discourteous.
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