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Traffic calming through Gobowen and St. Martins.  I read with interest the article in the Oswestry & Border Chronicle concerning "Villagers' Speed Camera Offer" and wonder if any other members are interested in discussing this important matter which should be of concern to all of us.  The Police cannot be constantly patrolling the road and the only way of preventing these dangerous drivers from speeding though our area with no regard for safety is to have proper speed cameras installed.

I understand that there is some sort of community fund being set up to pay for this so, if any one has any information about it I would be pleased to hear more and make a small contribution. We have put up with months of Heavy A5 traffic trundling and often speeding past our homes between 9pm and 6am and little improvement, if any, seems to have been achieved at the Gledrid roundabout for all the inconvenience and disturbed sleep for such an extended period that we have all suffered. 

Irrespective of the A5 traffic which I believe and hope will be finished at the end of this month we need to concentrate on the ordinary every-day speeding which takes place and take action to reduce the danger.

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