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Week Eight..... Maximum Heart

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Its been a bit of a busy week, training somewhere near a full week. Also managed to squeeze in some rides and a trial run of the Chirk Tri course around the weekends Rugby and Football.

Sunday I thought it was time I have a blast on the TT bike with the Zipps fitted. As pictured..... The tyres stayed on! So my gluing must be OK. Although with 150psi in the tyres I can't see them coming off.

This weeks turbo session, supposed to "the easy week" then I was asked if it was about time I did my max heart rate test. For people who don't know, we train to certain heart rate zones, percentages of your maximum heart rate. So to truly know what zone you are in, you need to know your maximum heart rate. So to find out, you basically take your heart to its maximum...... and yes, it is as bad as it sounds!

Weight is still going the right way, I set a sort of mid goal that I wanted to see if I could be 100kg by the end of Feb. I have a day left.... and I am not too far away, lets see.

Here we go..... week 8

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