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Sophie Hughes

Interest in setting up a childrens/ young people's sustainability group?

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I would love to set up an environmental/ animal group for children and young people in the area. Topics such as sustainability, wildlife conservation, climate change and animals in general would be taught through weekly meetings, practical workshops, visits to local places of interest and the creation and maintenance of a wildlife area. Information from organisations including RSPB, Wildlife Trust, WWF, National Trust, Chester Zoo, RSPCA etc would be used to build on members knowledge and interest of important issues regarding the topics above.

Has anyone got any other suggestions e.g. where would be the best place to set up and meet at? Possibly Weston Rhyn Institute as they have land suitable for a wildlife area?

Please reply if you would like to help set up and run such a group or whether you have or know children or young people who would be interested in joining such a group.


Sophie :)

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I am sure some of our members would be interested. We run the club from the Institute so a link with them would work very well. There is also The Crew which I believe still use the Institute.

The "garden" at the institute is pretty overgrown at the moment. Sure its full of wildlife.... just looks a bit.... wild.

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Sophie - I may be ale to help with the Star People programme -

I've sent you a message with my contact details - give me a call.

For more info have a look at the Star People info here.

Lets see what we can do!!

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Any luck with building on your ideas Sophie?

My children and i would be more than willing to help out with such a project...

I regularly spend 4 weeks in October each year visiting the Peruvian Amazon where i stay with the locals and study/collect tropical fishes and their natural habitats.

I regularly give presentations about my adventures and would be happy to help out if your ideas come to fruition.

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