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  1. Well the last time the Green Room Youth Project opened its doors to the children was now over two months ago on the first Wednesday in January (6th). Two new volunteers (Including myself) have come forward and have volunteered to take positions on the committee and/or help out on Wednesday evenings. A quote from the committee... "We have all worked together to make sure the group has been meeting for 4 years and in all that time there has not been anyone in the community coming forward to assist us" This is however not the case because Carol and Carl have both come forward to assist/volunteer since The Green Rooms inception. It seems that the closure of the group is more one of problems with administration rather than lack of volunteers from the local community which was obviously going to be the excuse for the closure. Just how long does it take to get meetings organised and the organisation up and running again? Come on guys... Its the children who are missing out.
  2. Well its happened again... 15 Horses were put in the meadows yesterday (Sunday Afternoon) despite the presence of police and the objections of local residents. 2 gypsies, an old man and a younger male, turned up with a cattle truck (I wonder if this was taxed and insured) and were initially attempting to entice the horses into the Meadows with bread via the School Lane entrance, the older man with a horse even pushed past one police officer who was trying to stop him entering The Meadows (IF I HAD DONE THAT i WOULD BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY)... There was chaos in School Lane with loose horses running around, they were even dangerously crossing the Chirk Road despite the traffic. These horses are obviously wild and have not been broken in, they are a danger to the public who use The Meadows. My mother, who had horse s___ all over her drive in School Lane, and other neighbours were objecting only to be told "Only for a couple of days love"... Anyway as I said earlier, despite police presence, the gypsies persevered and managed to get the 15 horses into The Meadows by breaking the fence of a local resident (AGAIN IF I HAD DONE THAT I WOULD BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY). We all know what happened last time horses were put in The Meadows, they were wild, frightening the locals and one horse even unfortunately died down there. Just how can the local authorities allow this to happen again when the police were in attendance and numerous laws have obviously been broken. I find it uncomprehending why they are allowed to get away with it in the first instance. All the police are saying is "Enquiries are ongoing"... As I said earlier "A LOCAL RESIDENT WOULD BE ARRESTED IMMEDIATELY FOR CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO THE LOCALS FENCE AT THE VERY LEAST". Completely unbelievable...
  3. Thank You for your help chaps... Very Much Appreciated... Mark... Just noticed Lee that the pdf downloads of the Roundabout do not work, All come up with the message "Web Page Not available" Mark...
  4. I seem to recall recently in a few issues of the Gobowen Roundabout concerns being raised by the Parish Council over the upkeep and safety of many monuments and gravstones in Hengoed Cemetary, Gobowen. I am not aware if similar concerns were raised over any monuments at Preeshenlle Chapel in School Lane. As we know all headstones are owned and are the responsibility of the grave owner or their next of kin. The problem arising today is the up keep of these monuments, when loved ones have moved away or when families have died out and there is no one left to take care of the plots. However, if a memorial is found to be in an unsafe condition, councils have the obligation of making them safe. (British Gravestone Standard 8415, requires that a stone remains upright when a lateral force of 35kg is applied to its apex). Usually making the gravestones safe simply involves lying them flat in the plot so that no injury could be caused to third parties visiting the cemetary. This action by the Parish Council is without doubt the most cost effective and safe way of undertakIng such an operation. I have tried without success to locate the Issues if Roundabout where these issues were raised and also the plots that were highlighghted as dangerous and in need of restoration work. Can anybody help to let me know what editions these issues were raised in. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank You In Advance, Mark Breeze
  5. Email sent Paul... Im more than willing to help support the committee and /or help out on Wednesday evenings when Carls shift pattern interferes with his volunteering at the Green Room. There is no doubt that since its inception in 2012 the Green Room has been a superb example of what can be done to support 15-25 young people on a regular basis, despite being on a limited budget and with only Carol and more recently Carl coming forward from the local community to volunteer and help run the project. My 2 children and my 2 step children, who I was guardian for, have all used the facilities since it opened and the two youngest (12 and 15 years) still regularly attend. To say that they are upset at the projects closure is an understatement… I personally think that the longer a group such as the Green Room stays closed local interest is lost which leads to many never opening their doors again. I feel it is thus imperative to get the show back on the road ASAP. I also feel a Gobowen based youth group should be funded, which to a large extent it already is with money from the Silo Fund and the Parish Council, organised and supported by Gobowen based youth workers and volunteers rather than being taken over by a national organisation or business like Fusion Arts.
  6. <I've heard on the grapevine that the Green Room youth project has been suspended until they get some more volunteers to help out on Wednesday evenings> I think you might find that this is the excuse that will be used for its closure but the reality is far from that.
  7. I've heard on the grapevine that the Green Room Youth Project has closed down... Has anybody else heard this and is it correct? There has been no press release or post on this website. I even went to look on the village notice board this afternoon but nothing. I understand it is due to either resignations from the committee or lack of adults to help run the club 3 Wednesday evenings per month. My children have attended the Green Room since it moved into the Pavilion, in fact my eldest daughter sought funding and was granted approx £400 to help towards a trip to Liverpool which never went ahead. To say they are devastated is an understatement...
  8. When I was a child of primary school age (Approx 45 years ago) we used to spend hour upon hour playing football on the green (This was before the days of the playing fields). The tree used to be one goalpost and a jumper or cricket stump the other. There were no complaints from the locals or the neighbouring residents whatsoever, in fact we were encouraged to play there. Due to its shape it was like Wembley to us kids... How things have changed... Now the children would be told to move on and its the adults that are making the green look a mess and causing problems. Shame on them...
  9. Its excellent news that the fencing and goal posts are actually being replaced... The news on the grapevine around the village was that they were coming down simply because of "Noise Complaints" from people who actually moved into their homes after the Mugga was built. The kids who regularly use this facility, mine included, came home distraught that the Mugga has been demolished (Their words not mine). They were really concerned that their needs were of secondary importance to those who obviously have no patience where kids are concerned. They had knowledge that the Mugga was there and surely knew of any noise implications before they moved into their new homes... Both I, and my children, hope the council gets contractors to complete the works prior to the summer holidays.
  10. Thanks for a very helpful reply... I would never have thought of going to a Credit Union for a small business start-up loan. I shall pop along to the Scout Hut and see what Fairshare has to offer. I noticed on the Big Local Website that some of the Big Local 1m could possibly be used for Social Investment such as Microfinance: Small low cost loans for the self-employed and those setting up very small businesses. I think its an excellent idea if it gets the go ahead...
  11. Is there any Parish funding available (small grants, low interest loans etc) for long term unemployed Parishioners who might wish to set up a new small business venture as a means to getting back into the workplace? There is help out there such as the Governments New Enterprise Allowance Scheme, The Princes Trust Fund and Prime for people over 50 but I was wondering if there was any help available at a more local level. I understand there is help available to organisations in the parish who might benefit from Parish Grant Funding. Maybe the council could also look at grant aid for new small businesses as these new ventures often help stimulate the local economy. MarkB.
  12. It does indeed Simon... So obviously the GE matches will now have to be cancelled on the same grounds, I dont think so... Simon, my sister would have wheeled her green bin around for the afternoon for the kids to use and as Paul said Im sure the Pavillion could have been sorted for a few hours. The reasons cited was "unsuitable storage of bottles of alcohol for raffles at the GE". All the kids get is a blunt "No" Cant use it... Rather than co-operate and move the alcohol etc Its not just the kids who lose out, I presume the council also loses out financially at missing an afternoons booking...
  13. Today, as part of National Play Day 2014 (This is actually tomorrow the 6th August) there are activities at the playing fields for the children of the village. This of course is excellent and thanks must go to all who help out with such an event. The council even gave £50 to support the day which im sure is much appreciated... Then the problems arise... Despite booking the Pavillion well in advance the poor old kids once again get booted out because the Pavilion has items in it that belong to the Graham Edwards Memorial Trophy. Unbelievable.... Why couldnt the stuff simply be moved out for the afternoon??? Because of lack of facilities there was no advertising of the event. It was thought that they may have to cancel BUT at the last minute the organisers have gamely forged ahead with just a table on the field for drinks etc... It seems to me that the poor kids, and the organisers, continually get pushed from pillar to post with regards to use of the Pavilion and its facilities.
  14. I witnessed the actual construction of this project Liam and i was left amazed... A man who walks the village with a white stick building a wall from bricks with no mortar. Its construction is unbelievably dangerous, it does indeed look like a blind man has built it. There is no doubt that this is an accident waiting to happen...
  15. I should think this would be a very interesting presentation.
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