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  1. Julie

    Family History

    Hi, Just an update. I've had some help and am now back to my Great great great great grandfather! (Im back to 1700's at the moment). Lots more to find out especially once there was kids and marriages but hopefully I'll get plenty of information. Julie.
  2. Julie

    Family History

    My Grandad was Joseph (Joe) Davies and also his dad, my Great Grandad had the same name. My Grandad had 3 sisters, Ada, who lived at The Hollies? And May and Minnie. All Davies until they married.
  3. Julie

    Family History

    Thank you. I'll be planning a trip so I will bear in mind about the library. If I didn't have such a common surname it would have been a lot easier, I've set myself a task for life I think! Julie.
  4. Julie

    Family History

    The picture I was trying to upload wont right now, I'll try and sort it then get it posted.
  5. Julie

    Family History

    Thanks. I have got a photo of the house from my last visit. Really I just want to know who was who I suppose. Up until family members got married, including myself, our surname was Davies so it is hard to search and narrow down add in the area I'm searching and it's like a needle in a haystack! Julie.
  6. Julie

    Family History

    Hi Lee Thank you. We ended up in Northumberland as it was my Grandad who left Rhoswiel when he was 19, he then started his own family but there was still siblings and cousins left in Shropshire. We stayed at Moreton Park a few years ago, visiting some of my Dad's cousins who lived in Ellesmere, I spent a lot of my childhood down there but I'm now very interested in finding out some history. I know there are some family members buried in one of the churchyards in Weston Rhyn but I never went to look. My Grandad, his siblings, my Great Grandad and possible generations before (I don't know) lived in The Haven, although originally it was named Pear Tree Cottage, the house next to Elizabeth House? The care home? It had just recently sold when we went to visit and see it. Julie.
  7. Hi I'm Julie, I'm living in Northumberland but my Dad's family originally lived in Rhoswiel and surrounding areas. I'm trying to do some family history and have posted a topic on this. :)
  8. Hi, I'm Julie, I live in Northumberland but my Dad's family originally lived in Rhoswiel and surrounding areas. We always visited the area until 3 years ago after the last family members in Shropshire passed away. I did go to where my Grandad lived on my last visit. I am planning to visit again but to try and find out a bit of family history etc. I was wondering if anybody can point me in the right direction as to where to go to research anything. I'm not signing up to any websites and don't know if there's anywhere that will hold any archives in the area I do have little bits of information and names to go on but not a lot.. Thank you in advance.
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