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Poor relation

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Weston Rhyn has been disregarded by Shropshire Council for far too long and things are coming to a head.  All we ever get are broken promises whilst we see other parishes obtain their necessary infrastructure improvements.  The roundabout at the top of the village, and the bends leading in to it are very dangerous and now the markings have faded so much that when the road is wet you would not even know it was a roundabout. Shropshire Star are covering our concerns   http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2016/04/14/shropshire-council-treating-village-like-a-poor-relation/

Why not come along to the Parish Councils annual meeting on 25th at 7 pm in the institute and let the parish council know what you think, and what you would have on your wish list for the village.


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