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Peter Bevington


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Many of you will have seen the yellow insert in June's WREN.  


An informal group has got together to try to resurrect the Village Show but in a new an interesting form. As a result two coordinated shows are being run in September.  The Village Hall have taken responsibility for a Garden and Produce Show and St John's church for an Art and Craft Show. 


We encourage everyone to give these a go.   The Art & Craft Schedule was part of the June Wren insert so you can get started  on your entry now!  The Garden and Produce Schedule will be in the July Wren  and is already in the Post Office so you can start to plan your entries.


But that is not all. Most village groups will do something special that week and encourage people to get involved.  A good number of local food outlets will be making special offers and there will be other events.   We are gradually putting all this together so that we can publish a full programme in August/ September   .... so keep the period 6th - 13th September available for something different.  It's beginning to look good!


There is a simple Facebook Page:   Focus Weston Rhyn.


Any queries, etc   focuswr@hotmail.co.uk 



Peter Bevington

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Focus Weston Rhyn is now getting ready to roll.  Interest has been good.  Our main publicity leaflet will be in local venues  [shops, pubs] this week and go in the September Wren which will start being distributed in about 10 days time.

There is one significant mistake in the leaflet. The Watercolour Painting Group meets on Tuesday morning [not Monday].

It will be great if loads of people make the effort to join in by competing in the shows. We are trying to move on just a little from the traditional  show and tap into the media interest in being creative  - things like Bake-Off, etc  We hope that this will catch the imagination of people would not have participated before.

It will be good also if the existing village organisations are able to use the week to attract new members.   We can but try - Thanks to everyone that is already getting stuck in.   As a result there's a lot to see especially on Saturday afternoon - well worth turning out for.

We could do with a bit more help, especially on the day: Saturday 12th.  Please contact Pam Manley [774170]  or myself if you could spare an hour or two:  for example we need people to take a shift on selling raffle tickets and a few people to do a hour or so stewarding.

See also Focus Weston Rhyn on Facebook for the programme and publication earlier in the year of the schedules for the shows if have lost yours.


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The first event is on Sunday at 2.0pm. Meet at the lake near the Quinta Main Gate - parking available. There are two walks - one gentle and short for under an hour. Another more moderate, will last just under two hours.... good footwear is needed. This walk by the river and across the middle of the hill will take in some great scenery: a really good country walk. Sorry but dogs not permitted on the walks. After the walk there's a chance to cook marshmallows and bread twists on a camp fire. The weather forecast is good. Should be a lovely afternoon.


For those interested there is MODERN SEQUENCE DANCING at the Institute on Monday at 8.0 pm.


The WATERCOLOUR PAINTING is at The Institute at 10.00 am on TUESDAY [NOT Monday - there was an error in the flier ]



There is another walk by Walking for Health starting at The Plough on Tuesday at 10.30 am



GET YOUR TEAM TOGETHER for the pub quiz at The Plough on Tuesday at 7.30 pm


Don't forget entry forms for the Garden & Produce Show need to be in by Wednesday  5.0pm  and entries for the Art and Craft Show bought to the church  between 6.0 & 8.pm on Thursday

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