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Parish Clerk

Sports Court Fencing

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The fencing and goal ends surrounding the sports court on Gobowen Playing Fields will be replaced this summer.


This is due to the fact that the existing fencing has deteriorated and is in need of replacement. The Parish Council has also had a number of complaints over the past 5 years from local residents about the noise from the balls hitting the fencing. As a number of the panels are now in very poor condition, the existing fencing including the goal ends will be removed next week and it is hoped that the new fencing will be installed before the start of the summer holidays. If you have any questions about this work please contact me on 01691 682683 or parishclerksg@gmail.com

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Its excellent news that the fencing and goal posts are actually being replaced...  


The news on the grapevine around the village was that they were coming down simply because of "Noise Complaints" from people who actually moved into their homes after the Mugga was built. 


The kids who regularly use this facility, mine included, came home distraught that the Mugga has been demolished (Their words not mine). They were really concerned that their needs were of secondary importance to those who obviously have no patience where kids are concerned. They had knowledge that the Mugga was there and surely knew of any noise implications before they moved into their new homes...


Both I, and my children, hope the council gets contractors to complete the works prior to the summer holidays. 

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