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Sophie Hughes

Volunteer Eco Students Abroad: Sophie Is Going To Africa, Help Me, Help Them!

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Sophie Hughes has been accepted onto the Volunteer Eco Students Abroad program and will be travelling to South Africa in July 2012 to take part in an important sustainable community development project.

I am seeking sponsorship to enable me to participate in the programme and complete essential volunteer work in a KwaZulu-Natal village.

I will work in conjunction with the villagers and the village chief in addressing the major issues faced by the village and the local schools such as a lack of fresh running water, dilapidated schools and generally poor infrastructure.

Your donation will help to facilitate the means for implementing a major community development project, which will encompass construction in addition to educating the community on matters of conservation, sustainability, health, hygiene and English proficiency.

By sponsoring me, you will be directly assisting with the costs involved in participating in the program.

These costs are significant and include hiring local skilled trades people to supervise and assist in the building projects, building materials and donations to local organisations.

Every volunteer will complete a minimum of 40 hours of hands on community based volunteer work.

I would appreciate donations of any amount, which will enable me to participate in this vital community development program.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to make a difference donating my time and energy into volunteering overseas next summer.

If you are able to help through donation or help with fund raising, even in the smallest way it would be greatly appreciated.

For information on the VESA program please visit www.vesabroad.com

Thank you :) X

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The Vale of Llangollen Lions Club has kindly donated a giant milk chocolate Easter Egg to help raise funds for my Volunteer Eco Students Abroad expedition to South Africa in July! There are 100 tickets available at £1 each. The winner of the raffle will be contacted on Friday 6th April 2012. Please leave a comment if you'd like to buy a ticket(s) and we can arrange to meet. Thanks, Sophie Ann Hughes X

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My Auntie, artist Beth Roberts from Gobowen, is in the process of creating a large canvas artwork with an Olympics theme which will be raffled to raise money towards the trip costs. It will be displayed in the Willow Street Art Gallery, Oswestry soon. Raffle tickets will be sold there at £2 each.

I will be leaving from Manchester on Saturday 7th July.

I would like to carbon offset my flights to and from Africa, and also take some gifts/ money to the local community charities I will be working with. I also need a large rucksack, maybe someone has one I could borrow, to save me buying one?

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