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  1. caduceus17

    Incredible Edible in our 3 villages

    Hi Maggie This sounds really interesting. How's it going? C
  2. caduceus17

    Mens Shed

    I've not logged onto the site for a while, hence the belated reply..... It's a shame you haven't had more of a response: sounds like a great idea. Now, if I could get my husband interested in such a group....... I know where to point him.
  3. caduceus17

    New Traffic Free Route to Oswestry...

    I posted something some months ago when I'd read about this in the local paper. I said then that I thought it would be a real asset to the area, and I still do. Not only for people from Gobowen travelling to Oswestry, but also for people from Oswestry cycling, etc to the train station in Gobowen. The sooner this is created the better as far as I'm concerned, so, yes please! You have my full support.
  4. caduceus17

    Shropshire Damsons

    I've just ordered a Shropshire Prune damson tree for my garden. I couldn't choose any other variety now could I?!
  5. caduceus17

    Nuisance dogs

    Hi Geoff I sympathise with your plight. I have dogs but work really hard to ensure they're trained not to bark. They play and play-bark very, very occasionally, but they're discouraged from anything else. It's totally anti-social to allow your dogs to do that. Any of my neighbours with dogs must feel the same because we don't seem to have the problem you do. This is just a supportive message as I see you haven't had any others. I wish you all good luck in sorting out this problem. It must be awful. Best wishes C
  6. caduceus17

    How dangerous is the Gobowen to Oswestry road?

    I wouldn't dare! Taking your life in your hands there. It's the reason I was interested in the cycle route along the old railway line.
  7. caduceus17

    Dog waste

    Yes, hardly the dogs' fault as Paul says, they're just doing what they must. It's the owners' responsibility to pick up after their dogs. I'm just surprised in this day and age that anyone thinks it's acceptable, much like I'm surprised at the amount of litter left on the playing field on a regular basis. The words "doorstep" and "own" come to mind. Disappointing really.
  8. caduceus17

    Dog waste

    How do you get people to pick up their dogs' poo? It seems to be a real problem round here. I have a dog myself and wouldn't dream of leaving her poo lying around for others to step in.
  9. caduceus17

    What does Gobowen need?

    A bit of a remote chance this one, but: There's a footpath leading from a stile located between houses in Perry Road. It runs straight across the fields beyond. However people obviously also turn right immediately on entering the field over the stile, drop down the slight hill, then get across or through the farmer's fence and over the river into the playing field, right by the bench at the far end. It would be great if agreement could be obtained from the farmer, to have a proper stile and small footbridge there. It would make a good circular route and would stop the farmer always having to repair his fence.
  10. I saw in last week's Oswestry & Border Chronicle that a suggestion has been made that the old railway route from Gobowen to Oswestry could be turned into a cycle track. A Gobowen resident, Nigel Thomas, has apparently written to Whittington Parish Council about it. If it was possible to make such a track it sounds to me like a great idea. What do others think?
  11. caduceus17

    Kid on a Scooter

    I saw a lad some weeks ago driving a type of motorbike right across the playing field and back but didn't see the number plate. I'm there regularly and haven't seen him again since. I'll certainly let you know if I do though (if I do get the number plate)..