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    I'm interested in youth community projects, (recently) chicken keeping & I'm a book club member!
  1. gwyneth1210

    The aftermath of Silo's death

    Good idea.Will also encourage the scout leaders to join the site and post their news and reviews.
  2. gwyneth1210

    Proposed New Zebra Crossing in Gobowen

    Agree not a good place for a crossing,perhaps better further down the road towards the roundabout just after Temperance House.
  3. gwyneth1210

    The aftermath of Silo's death

    Silo News! Silo Central is still a Registered Charity with Trustees and posts it's accounts and AGM reports on line. Sitting here right now i can't give you the Silo Charity number but will do another time so that anyone who wishes to follow our activities and movement of money can do so. I am the Chairperson of Silo,slightly redundant now as Silo Central at Brook Buildings has been sold,but am supporting the Green Room project,because for the same reasons as Justin (my boy!) i truly beieve young people need a place to go,chill out and put forward better vibes than they are ever given credit for. We have a funding committee (separate to Silo trustees) to whom requests for funding for youth orietated activities can be applied,groups or individuals. This will soon be made more public in a press release So far Silo has donated £1,500 to the Green Room Project,£1,500 to Gobowen Scout Group for a new boiler in the scout hut,and £450 to two young boys entering karate championships somewhere in europe-this was part of the funding they needed.The bulk of the money for the sale of Silo Central has been invested to gain interest in a yearly bond after we sought some financial advice,several thousands are in an account for more easy access and we are also hoping to fund a piece of play equipment on Gobowen Playing fields. Will post info also in Gobowen news.