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    Oswestry Youth Music Festival 28 Feb to 3 March 2013
  1. The syllabus for the 2014 festival is now available from the Guildhall, Oswestry or from <http://www.oswestry-...ov.uk/home.html> Follow our Twitter account: @OsYMF or Facebook: Oswestry Youth Music Festival
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    The Oswestry Youth Music Festival brings young musicians from Shropshire and the surrounding counties to compete in 75 different classes: rock bands, wind ensembles, musical theatre, opera, etc. We have soloists and duettists and groups and bands and ensembles. We have beginners and young people on the verge of a professional career. The festival takes place in Oswestry Methodist Church, Christchurch and Holy Trinity. Attendance at the morning, afternoon or evening sessions is free and you may stay for as long or as short as time as you wish. Programme outline is attached (download for members of this site) or you can go to http://www.oswestry-tc.gov.uk/news/article/article/oswestry-youth-music-festival-2014-latest-news.html for the latest news. Please come and support our talented and hardworking young musicians. OYMF_2014_Programme_Outline.pdf
  3. There is now a display about OYMF in Oswestry library where you can pick up a flyer and look through the programme. You can also follow us on Facebook: Oswestry Youth Music Festival and Twitter: OsYMF. The festival is taking place from 28 February to 3 March. There are over 250 young musicians competing in 75 classes. You will not believe how talented these young people are, I promise you. And it is absolutely free, no tickets, no reservations, no charge.
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    Young musicians show off their talents in individual and group singing and playing. New classes this year: Rock bands, Steel drums. The festival takes place in Christchurch and Oswestry Methodist Church, both in Chapel Street near the library. Entrance is free, come in when you like and stay for as long as you like. See us on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Hello, I'm Dorothy. You won't see much from me until September when I announce the new syllabus for OYMF 2013.
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