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  1. UPDATE The Parish Clerk has added my letter to the agenda of the next parish council meeting :) Still no response from either Councillors
  2. UPDATE I emailed the Parish Clerk on the 16/10 to see if she could pass my email on to either of the Councillors. I received a response on the 20/10 informing me that David Lloyd is not well and she will ask Robert Macey to respond. As of today, still no response. I know my request will not be high on the Councillors agenda but 20 days without a actual response I think is a bit poor.
  3. My response was not Intended as aggresive, because of all things to get aggressive about the proposed solar farm is definitely not one of them The point I was raising about benefiting from the land was that per acre if it is more finicially viable to have the land as solar farm than agricultural land then that is his decision on how he want to use his land. The world of farming in this country has evolved massively over the past 30 years with a substantial amount of farms relying on government subsidies just to survive. But as mentioned above if for the farmer it is a better financial option to have the solar panels than to harvest the land then so be it. Please don't try and undermine the points I am trying to put across, I'm fully aware of the planning authorities and hurdles that have to be completed to gain approval. I have read before that the big rush is on to get this farm approved because of the impending subsidies cut, but a 22 million pound investment isn't something the people involved would make overnight. Personally I think that the only People who should have a say in the matter are the councillers and any residents who's property is adjacent the proposed site as they will be the people who this solar farm will actually affect.
  4. DJ Fresh, I never raised any points regarding the farmers wealth. Even if they are driving around in a Jaguar what difference does that make to their application??. Regards to your comments about putting solar panels 2m high in my garden, If I wanted Solar panels on my land I would have them however I like the same with the current application. It is their land and so if they deem that solar panels are the best use of the land then that is their decision. Would I rather them be elsewhere like everyone else, sure I would. But if the farmer has the choice between the solar farm or nothing at all then surely who are we to stop them?. Regardless of their wealth everyone needs to make money.
  5. Robmit, I live in Gobowen and as mentioned I walk down past the proposed site regularly. DJ Fresh, If I could afford solar panels I would have them. Also a correct facing roof or garden would also be needed. So what about the farmer if they have no alternative to make money? If they can't earn a living using their land? At one point or another people are going to have to realise that we need to have solar and other renewable energy sources and people are going to have to accept that seeing these things in our daily lives is the future of energy.
  6. No response as of yet by either Councillors.
  7. Well i have emailed Robert Macey and David Lloyd MBE, i will post an update on the reply
  8. Thanks :) we feel like the unwanted Christmas jumper :(
  9. I think that the solar farm is a great idea. People are going to have to come to terms that these renewable energy sources have to be put somewhere. I walk around the lanes with my son and see no problem with it. Fossil fuels are not going to last forever so we are going to need an alternative.
  10. Thanks for the response. The houses were built in 1945 so I can really understand why they have never adopted it.
  11. Wondering if the wonderful world of community online could help. I live on a un-adopted road in Gobowen, which to be frank is in serious need of some TLC. We have elderly, pregnant and disabled people living on the street and have been quoted in the region of £20,000 to bring the road back to its former beauty. So the point of my post is as follows; 1, Does anybody know if there are grants/loans/help available to people living on un-adopted roads? 2, If I was to contact the council to seek advice/help, who could I contact? We have repaired the road numerous times and it is now in desperate need of the current surface being taken off and replaced. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi All, I don't know if anyone can shed some light on this. As you come into Gobowen the house next to the Scout Hut has "built" a wall at the front of their house. Obviously this I have no problem with, the problem I have is that it has been made using no mortar!. So this wall is just bricks stacked on top of each other. A lot of people walk along this road and the scout hut is regularly used. So my questions are, 1, Does anyone know if this is temporary?. 2, Is it allowed to be left like that as it is obviously dangerous?.
  13. Neo's suggestion is about the only way I can see you are getting ANYTHING done for free. Unless you live in a council house.
  14. Hello, I'm hoping somebody may be able to shed some light on a question I have. I have started running around Gobowen at night and I want to be able past the orthopedic (just in case :) ) but I'm a bit reluctant to run down the road to the orthopedic because there is no path or street lights..... So my question is (finally) Is running through the Derwen College allowed as this is the safest route to get past the orthopedic as it is both lit and has paths????. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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