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  1. This email was sent to me via the forum: Is it possible to spread this around please? An elderly lady was living in Ashlands Road, Weston Rhyn up until a week ago. She was found in Llangollen in just her nightdress and gown freezing cold and disorientated. Social Services are trying to sort this out but she has an elderly cat still there and concerned about it. It is 13 years old, black and white and called Popsy. Having been left to the elements for over a week without food or water we need to get her in a secure environment. It seems the cat flap has been locked by the landlord so it cant get in and would be easier to catch. If anyone finds this cat, the neighbour at No. 5 has a cat box and will call us so we can take it to the vets.Thank you for your help.
  2. A quick show of hands from all our members to see if they actually want Community Online to continue.... If yes then all I ask is that people contribute every now and again, the more you all put in the more we all get out. I would also be interested to hear people comments about the site, issues, problems, improvements etc. these can be posted below. Thanks,
  3. I have put an event in the calendar for the meeting which also includes the agenda. http://www.community-online.co.uk/forums/index.php?/calendar/event/852-selattyn-gobowen-parish-council-special-meeting/
  4. until
    Special Meeting to discuss the Proposed Solar Farm at Rhosygadfa, Gobowen; details are in the attached agenda. SAG PC 01-03-2016.pdf
  5. Meeting Minutes 9th November 2015 WR PC Minutes 09-11-2015.pdf
  6. Meeting Minutes 5th October 2015 WR PC Minutes 05-10-2015.pdf
  7. Meeting Minutes 7th September 2015 WR PC Minutes 07-09-2015.pdf
  8. Meeting Agenda 14th December 2015 WR PC Agenda 14-12-2015.pdf
  9. Meeting Agenda 9th November 2015 WR PC Agenda 09-11-2015.pdf
  10. Meeting Agenda 5th October 2015 WR PC Agenda 05-10-2015.pdf
  11. Meeting Agenda 7th September 2015 WR PC Agenda 07-09-2015.pdf
  12. Meeting Agenda 13th July 2015 WR PC Agenda 13-07-2015.pdf
  13. Minutes for Meeting 13th July 2015 WR PC Minutes 13-07-2015.pdf
  14. Minutes for Meeting 13th June 2015 WR PC Minutes 13-06-2015.pdf
  15. Applications are invited for the post of the clerk to Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council. The post is part-time to be worked flexibly, presently at 23 hours per week. More details are in the attached PDF. Parish Clerk advert.pdf
  16. Agenda for meeting 9th September 2015 SAG PC Agenda 09.09.2015.pdf
  17. Minutes of meeting 18th May 2015 WR PC Minutes 18-05-2015.pdf
  18. Minutes for meeting 13th April 2015 WR PC Minutes 13-04-2015.pdf
  19. Minutes for meeting 9th March 2015 WR PC Minutes 09-03-2015.pdf
  20. Agenda for meeting 15th June 2015 WR PC Agenda 15-06-2015.pdf
  21. Agenda for meeting 18th May 2015 WR PC Agenda 18-05-2015.pdf
  22. Agenda for meeting 13th April 2015 WR PC Agenda 13-04-2015.pdf
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