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  1. Thank you all for your advice,unfortunately no one seems to be interested,it seems that the low life on the council estate can wallow in a mud bath of their own making,except I didn't make it.I wonder if it the response would be different if it were that nice middle class estate the other side of the playing fields.I think I should stop giving a damn and not care about my community,but then again I'm just not that kind of person. I was raised at a time when community still mattered,people still used manners,gentlemen held doors open for lady's,people checked on their elderly neighbours,in short we had a community,and it worked and it cared.
  2. Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to which bodies to approach in order to get something done about this
  3. The granting of this application,albeit in a reduced form is nothing short of morally criminal.The construction will be be act of environmental vandalism,I just can not understand it.
  4. The green in west place is fast becoming a mud bath as its now being used as a car/van park,with some evenings there can be as many as 10 vehicles parked on the grass.The council really need to do something about this as the children will have nowhere to play.
  5. I live in Hammond's place which in recent years has become a racetrack with people driving at inappropriate speeds.This estate has narrow roads with lots of parked vehicles and children playing.I believe it is only a matter of time before someone is killed,we need some form of traffic calming as a matter of urgency.
  6. Liam I do live in a council house,and believe me it does not give me constant freebee's.As I said I work between 60 and 80 hours per week.I am middle aged and no longer in the best of health but can still manage to keep my garden tidy.I have worked all my working life,sometimes it feels like im have urine extracted from me.Im just having a Victor Meldrew moment,rant over.
  7. A council contracter is cutting my unemployed,able bodied and fit neighbours hedges.My question is as a working man doing between 60 and 80 hours per week,paying my taxes and full rent,how do I go about getting my hedges and maybe lawns cut for free ?.Answers please.
  8. Every monday here in Hammonds Place we have a road sweeper do a lap of the estate,and this service is very welcolme.This got me thinking,why is it we can have a sweeper every week but we can not get a gritter when it snows?.perhaps someone on here will have some thoughts or even the answer.
  9. The police say there is no drug problem in Gobowen,We who live here know different,And its getting worse.The police need to remember they have a duty of care to the law abiding tax payers in this village.Rant over.
  10. hs2,A rich mans play thing.Lets have the money spent in the regions.
  11. I wonder if anyone knows who I contact about getting a snow plough to pass through hammonds place and west place?
  12. For about a week now a helicopter seems to be operating from land at the rear of hammonds place,last night taking off and landing aprox half dozen times, until well after 11.00pm.Because I am a nosey person I just wondered if anyone knew anything about it?.
  13. An article in this weeks oswestry and border chronicle(page 52)informes us that gobowen is to get high speed broadband afterall.This is great news. :)
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