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  1. Pleased that you found what you were searching for fatcat.I'm interested in the fact that you found info on my family history. I know all about the \duckett connection (my maiden name and on that line go back to 1605 but I have to confess that much about Edward Green eludes. kind regards Greta
  2. Hi fatcat, don't know if this is of any help but my ancestors Edward Green and later Thomas and Tamar Duckett (Same family) lived at Weston papermill Weston Rhyn. in the 1780s - early - mid 1800's. There was an Oak cottage nearby and I'm fairly certain that there was a Weston Cottage. Incidentally The family of a HUGH Davies feature in the will of one of my ancestors, I don't know if it was the same family as yours. If so I can name a few of the other members in the 1890's if you are interested. Greta.
  3. Hi Maggie, Thank you SO much for your info and taking the time to reply. I did know about the Mill house but wasn't aware that my Ancestor may have built it, also I didn't realise that he had been there as early as 1760, this is important to my research. Would Neville Hurdsmans book be available from the library circuit? I would like to go through it all before I buy it also I am interested in the names of the many workers at the Mill. Incidently Eleanor Green's buriel was in the St Martins register which is Why I find it so strange that Edward wasn't entered.thank you again for your helpful info. kind regards Greta.
  4. Sorry, hope this isn't too boring as I notice that most of the posts are referring to events in present day. My interest however is regarding an ancestor who owned the Weston Rhyn paper Mill atached to Mill house in the 1780s - 90s. also owned Oak Cottage which was close by. I am hoping to learn about the inhabitants of the people in the neighbouring houses, One of my ancestors Tamar Duckett lived in Mill house in the 1790s and later in Oak cottage (1851 census. However her father EDWARD GREEN bought the mill at some period in I think 1790s prior to that I believe he leased it from ?? I would love to get a mental picture of the atmosphere of the place, inhabitants and general daily life of the area at that time. Also hoping to find exactly when EDWARD GREEN moved to Shropshire from Northumberland in order to take over the mill. Are there any local historians out there who might point me in the right direction as to which documents to search? Edward died in September 1797 and curiously his buriel is not recorded in the register of St martins but I do have a copy of his will and he appeared to own numerous properties and mills in the area, porkington, Daywell etc. My searches sadly have also been confusing as there appears to have been another EDWARD GREEN living in Ifton Rhyn at the same period, dying in 1793, but I don't know if there is any connection. I appreciate that this is a tall order but any advice would be gratefully received. Thank you Greta.
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