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  1. Work on this has started early (today) and contractors should be on site for about a week.
  2. The fencing and goal ends surrounding the sports court on Gobowen Playing Fields will be replaced this summer. This is due to the fact that the existing fencing has deteriorated and is in need of replacement. The Parish Council has also had a number of complaints over the past 5 years from local residents about the noise from the balls hitting the fencing. As a number of the panels are now in very poor condition, the existing fencing including the goal ends will be removed next week and it is hoped that the new fencing will be installed before the start of the summer holidays. If you have any questions about this work please contact me on 01691 682683 or parishclerksg@gmail.com
  3. The Annual Parish Meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday 13th May immediately before the May Parish Council meeting
  4. I have been asked to raise your awareness of a survey QUBE is currently carrying out into its services if you would like to take part, hard copies are around in the libraries alternatively the survey can be filled in online https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/VJP2FSP it is pretty quick and you could win a £50 shopping voucher!
  5. Do you know of any organisations in the parish who could benefit from a Parish Grant? Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council will be considering all applications for grants from local groups at the March meeting of the council on 11.3.15. If you would like to apply please contact the Parish Clerk for more information.
  6. We currently have some plots available for rental on Gobowen Allotments - full plots and half plots. Priority is given to resident of Gobowen village. If you would like to rent a plot please contact the parish clerk for more information parishclerksg@gmail.com
  7. There is currently a vacancy for a Parish Councillor on the Council which can be filled by co-option. If you would like to apply to be co-opted onto the council please contact the parish clerk for more information. parishclerksg@gmail.com co option advert 2014.pdf
  8. As part of the Parish Council's commitment to hold meetings in other parts of the parish so that residents living in rural parts of the parish have the opportunity to access council meetings the December Parish Council meeting will be in The Last Inn, Hengoed. This will be held at 7pm 10.12.14
  9. The agenda for the special meeting to consider the application which will be held in the Pavilion on Thursday 20th November at 7pm is now on the Parish Council website. Hopefully it should also appear on this site as well.
  10. The planning application will only be an information item on the agenda on the 12.11.14 purely to remind councillors of the special meeting and will not be considered in detail by the council then or any comments submitted. The special meeting called for Thursday 20th November at 7pm will be when the Parish Council will debate and agree any comments about the application. This meeting will be advertised in the usual places.
  11. Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council will be holding a special meeting to consider the solar farm application at Rhosygadfa number 14/03946/FUL on Thursday 20th November at 7pm in the Pavilion, Gobowen Playing Field, St Martins Road. I can confirm that the time set aside for public participation will be extended from the usual 15 minutes.
  12. The application has now been validated and can be viewed on the Shropshire Council planning website application number 14/03946/FUL , as soon as a date for the special meeting has been set it will be advertised on noticeboards, the Parish Council website and on this forum
  13. Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council agreed last night that once the application has been validated they would hold a special meeting to just consider the application. This meeting would have an extended public participation session to allow more time for residents to present views on the application. As soon as a date for this meeting is set I will post it on this site and on our website.
  14. As Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council have not received confirmation that the plans have been validated by Shropshire Council the application will not appear on the October meeting agenda for consideration. I understand that as this is a major application the consultation period will be 12 weeks so the plans should be considered at the November meeting to be held on Wednesday 12th November. This will also enable all councillors to visit the site and study the plans prior to making comments.
  15. I would just like to clarify a few matters on this item from the Parish Council's perspective. To date the planning application has not yet been validated by Shropshire Council and there is a possibility that it will not be received in time for the October meeting of the Parish Council. The agenda for the October meeting will be published next Thursday morning and if the item is not on the agenda for October it will be discussed at the November 12th meeting. The public participation session is set for a period of 15 minutes but on occasions when there are a large number of people wishing to speak then at the discretion of the chairman the period can be extended. Elgin Energy held a drop in session in July as well as last night and a number of Selattyn and Gobowen Councillors attended this session, some attended both events. The payment that is offered to the Parish Council has not been negotiated and it will not affect the view of the councillors. Currently every planning application for new housing that is considered by the council for comments already includes a community infrastructure levy payment (some of which are significant sums of money) which is given to the Parish Council if the application is successful. To date a large number of applications for housing in the Parish have been objected to by the Parish Council regardless of how much community infrastructure money is involved. Parish Council comments on these applications can be viewed in our minutes. Please come along to the meeting to put across your points of view, if you would like to clarify any matters prior to the meeting please do get in touch parishclerksg@gmail.com. If you would like to contact any councillors in advance of the meeting then contact details for councillors can be found on our website or in the Parish Roundabout newsletter
  16. Details of new information evening to discuss the proposals for a solar farm at Ebnal Lodge Tuesday 24th September Gobowen Pavilion St Martins Road 17.30-19.00 All welcome please note this is not a parish council meeting it is an information session organised by Elgin Energy
  17. It will not be the Parish Council's responsibility to promote this meeting as it will not be a parish council meeting and will be organised by the developers, however when we receive the information we will do all we can to promote the event to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of it.
  18. Elgin Energy expressed an interest in attending the next Parish council meeting on 10.9.14. This meeting is open to the public and the issue of the need for another exhibition can be raised then. However despite prompting, I have not heard from them since this July so cannot confirm that they are attending
  19. Just to clairfy things prior to my leave starting the organisers of the Play Day last year were contacted a number of times to see whether they intended to run the event again in 2014 and no response was received. The pavilion hire agreement with the Green Room has always been that they meet 3 times a month so the Parish Council can continue to hold its regular council meeting on the second Wednesday of the month and there have never been any complaints about this arrangement. To my knowledge there has only been 2 occasions this year when the youth club has been asked to move its meeting 1. In February when the storm caused the cancellation of the Parish Council meeting and the meeting had to be held the following week. 2. In May when the pavilion was to be used as a polling station for the European Elections as the room had to be set up the night before. If there are other occasions I would be grateful if you could let me know. The Parish Council always try to accomodate the youth club, we have put in storage in the pavilion for the group to use and regularly support the group with grants. We have not had any complaints from the organisers about the use of the pavilion and have a good working relationship with the committee members.
  20. Please note that there is no planned meeting with the Parish Clerk and Elgin Energy during mid August. I have however urged the applicants to hold another drop in event to be in Gobowen and have offered the pavilion as a venue, but I have not heard from the applicants whether they intend to hold another session. It should also be noted that to date no application has actually been submitted. Elgin Energy have indicated that they will attend the next Parish Council meeting to be held on Wednesday 10th September at 7pm in Gobowen Pavilion, this meeting will have a public participation session and is open to residents. It is my understanding that as this is such a large application there consultation period will be extended beyone the usual 6 week period.
  21. Selattyn and Gobowen Parish Council will be running its very successful free tennis sessions again this Summer. They will run on 21st and 22nd August from 10- 12 and 28th and 29th August from 10 -12. Sessions are split into to 45 minute sets the first for under 9's and the second for children 9+ no need to book, just turn up but we will need a medical form filled in and emergency contact details for all who attend the sessions so all participants under 12 need to be accompanied by an adult on the first session. A fully qualified CRB checked tennis coach will be running the event so come along and brush up on your skills.
  22. On Saturday the Parish Council received a letter notifying us of a public exhibition for a Proposed Solar PV development (more commonly known as a solar farm) on Land at Ebnal Lodge Rhosygadfa SY107BL. The site extends to 78 acres The exhibition will be held in the St Martins Centre from 4.30 - 7pm on Wednesday 16th July (this Wednesday) please note the proposals are not in St Martins Parish only Selattyn and Gobowen and Whittington Parishes. It is anticipated that a full planning application will be submitted by the end of July. Selattyn and Gobowen PC will probably consider this application at the September meeting of the council. To ensure that residents are aware of the consultation session as to my knowledge no notices have been put up to promote the exhibition please can you spread the word to ensure as many people as possible attend. thank you
  23. The Annual Parish Meeting of Selattyn and Gobowen Parish will be held on Tuesday 27th May at 7pm. We have a speaker from English Heritage who will be giving a talk on Oswestry Hill fort (which is in the Parish!) If you represent an organisation or group in the parish and would like to present a report of your activities over the past year at the meeting we would love to hear from you. If you are unable to attend please send in a report anyway and I can arrange for a report to be read out on your behalf. This is not a Parish Council meeting it is a meeting for all electors of the Parish which is organised by the Parish Council. The agenda can be viewed in the Parish Council section of this site please feel free to circulate the agenda to anyone who you think may be interested in attending or who may wish to give a report. Best wishes Penny O'Hagan Parish Clerk
  24. The annual parish meeting of Selattyn and Gobowen Parish will be held on Tuesday 27th May at 7pm in the Pavilion St Martins Road, Gobowen. A representative from English Heritage will be attending to give a talk on the history of Oswestry Hill Fort (which is in the parish) The meeting is open to all electors of the parish.
  25. The railings surrounding Gobowen War Memorial will be removed at the end of this week 27th or 28th March as they are to be powder coated in preparation of the planters that are going to be fixed to the side of the railings.
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