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  1. Grow It,Make It,S how It At St Martins Centre - Saturday September 28th 2013 Gardeners, bakers, crafters, photograthers and childrens can enter there prize vegatables, flowers, photos cakes, kniting, garden on a plate, painted stones etc. Follow this topic for more information and schedule, coming soon. :rolleyes:
  2. This is a new venture at St Martins Centre, supported by Big Local, aimed at those out of work at present and those who want to refresh or upgrade or learn computer skills. There are 4 sessions booked with opportunity to use the computers here at the centre at other times Starting Monday MAY 20th continuing JUNE 3rd & 17th, JULY 1st Job searches online, C.V's, Job application online and via emails, universal job searches, ECDL. All sessions are FREE, and could save you the trip into Oswestry. Just come along between 12 noon and 2pm. If one to one sessions are booked there is the opportunity to have a coffee and a chat with other people, sharing your experience and possible job opportunities. What do you have to Lose!
  3. St Martins Centre No Fun days as such but we are organising a Family Night Out on Saturday 13th June 2013. Games for the Children, their Mum's and their Dad's. Dave Lloyd Entertainments Disco, Food and Bar. Look out for more details to come. ALSO Grow it. Make it, Show it. 1st Annual Show on September 28th 2013 Schedule available soon.
  4. suescho

    Family Night Out

    With Dave Lloyd Entertainments, games for Children, their Mums and their Dads. Disco, Food & Bar. Look out for more details SOON.
  5. I'd like to see the new comments on top, when there are 6 or 7 pages of comments, do you really want to trust your luck to which page the last 2 or 3 comment are on!
  6. Thanks for the offer Simon but we don't as yet have a Tennis court.
  7. It is a sadness to me that few youngsters have gotten involved with these activities. The second of the Skateboard Demos at St Martins Centre was quit well attended but the days out, Crocky Trail had 1 person respond, Geocaching and Stoksay Castle - 1 person responded and not 1 person responded for the Multi-activity day, so all 3 of these events had to be cancelled. You get youngsters saying that there's nothing to do and when you give them something to do they don't want to do it. Did we ask them what they wanted to do - Yes, there answer was Ten Pin Bowling, is that the best thing to do in the Summer Holidays (putting the weather to one side)! we hoped to get them out in the fresh air and do something different that didn't cost the earth. Am I disappointed - YES
  8. A part from being open for Book Box and general enquiries the Centre will host 4 events this September. 4th Sept a Coffee Morning to launch a new club called Crafty Creations starting at 11am, there's a charge of £2 which will include Coffee/Tea and biscuits. This is an opportunity for crafters to come together to share there crafts or learn a new craft. Working on the Learn a Skill, Share a Skill platform. If you knit, do needle point, make cards etc come along, do you draw, paint or make models, you may want some extra space to continue your craft or just would like some company while doing your craft but be prepared for other being interested in what you're doing. 5th Sept a Cheese and Wine Evening to launch the Friends of St Martins Footpaths 7:30pm entrance £2. Find out where all the footpaths are within the bounds of the Parish of St Martins, also you could learn how the Shropshire Council is helping to upgrade the pathways and the help they are willing to give to maintain them. We are also starting a register of volunteers, people who are willing to give a little of their free time to become part of a working groups to help keep open the local pathways, Shropshire Council have committed to give some training to these working groups and then they will be covered by the Council insurance whilst completing any work. 13th Sept an Open Session for Council House Tenants to learn more about ALMO's and what it will mean to them. Christine Bailly will be at the Centre from 3:30pm til 6:30pm to talk to anyone (not just from St Martins) who wants to understand what ALOM's are and Do. If you are a Council House tenant (like me) you do really need to know about this. If you want to know more but can't get to the Centre at this time please give me a call at the Centre 770204 and I'll try to arrange something else. 21st Sept a ITea and Biscuits morning this is under the Age UK banner but not limited to older people, starting at 11am entrance £2. Want to use a computer either a PC or Laptop but don't know where to start, have some knowledge but want to know more, want to surf the internet but not sure how to get started, need an email account, these and many more insights into computing will be on offer at this taster session. If there is a demand, we will be setting up courses in the areas that you would like to know more about. Watch this space for anything else that might be happening at the Centre.
  9. Apologies to all the female role models out there. My only excuse is that when making general comments, I refer to man/men/boy in the wider sense of the word meaning mankind which includes girls. Yes, Lee a brill mrole model, was it you I was thinking of when I made that comment!
  10. Trafic controlling measures are needed in all three villages for different reason and needs, I think each Parish Council should pursue this for their respective villages. What does this area need..... Paid, energetic, resourceful and capable young men to inspire the youth of the 3 villages, to get involved in the communities. A Youth Worker that can work with the youngsters in activities that would not only give something to the community but to inspire a sense of community pride and pride in themselves as well as increased self-esteem. It seems to me that a vast majority of the Youth do not have any ambition to achieve anything and are short of good role models outside of the home.
  11. Just my sort of thing. Thanks for this info
  12. Copy Of Letter sent to all Parents of both Ifton Heath Primary School and Rhyn Park School on 13th July 2012 Dear Parent/Carer The Governors of Rhyn Park School and Ifton Heath School are delighted to announce that the leadership of St Martins School from the 1st September 2012 will be as follows:-Mr Nigel Keates, Principal of St Martins School and Head of Secondary Phase. Mrs Nicola Bradley, Head of Primary Phase. We believe that this will ensure continuity and allow the immediate development of exciting cross phase projects. From the start of the new academic year the pupils will be involved in helping us to plan and develop our new vision, in which we will welcome the support of the whole of the community. “I believe that we have secured the very best leadership for the children and staff in St Martins School. Both Mr Keates and Mrs Bradley have a considerable amount of combined experience to draw upon. They both have a proven track record of leading change and improvement in their respective schools. They both share a deep concern for and understanding of the local community and together they share an inspiring vision for the future. I am very much looking forward to September, when the whole community will start to see their exciting plans being put into practice.” said Marion Connell, school governor. Just this month, Ofsted inspected Rhyn Park School and said “this is a good school with a strong family ethos.” We look forward to working together to present opportunities for us to continue to build and develop this further, encompassing all pupils from the nursery through to the age of sixteen. Yours faithfully Mr N Keayes - Mrs N Bradley OFSTEAD Report Family ethos supports achievement Students and staff at Rhyn Park School are delighted following the glowing report by Ofsted Inspectors judging the school to be a ‘good’ school with a strong family ethos. Ofsted inspectors conducted the two day inspection in June and reported that ‘all groups of students make good progress...because all staff know their needs well and understand how to support them. This is helped by the small class sizes.’ Ofsted reported that ‘teaching was good and that teachers worked hard to successfully engage students in their learning.’ Staff, students and parents felt that the school had taken a firm line with any behaviour which did not meet the high standards expected of all students. It was reported that leaders and managers modeled best practice and motivated staff and students well. Ofsted concluded that recent improvements at the school together with the effectiveness of the acting head teacher, indicated a strong capacity for further improvement Acting Head Teacher Nigel Keates said’ I am delighted that Ofsted have recognised the family ethos at the school which strives to meet the individual needs of all students to ensure every child achieves the very best they can’.
  13. Book Box is now open 4 days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday aswell as every other Saturday) 10am till 2pm unless there's a meeting in the lounge but the Book Box sign will be out when I'm there and there's no meeting going on. So come on in and have a chat and a browse. It is completly free, all we ask you to do is to fill in a membership form and note down how many books/puzzels you take out or bring back. This is only done to prove to those who have given us some money (LJC and St Martins Parish Council)to buy shelving, that the scheme is being used. It is open this Saturday 23 June.
  14. Hi All I'm Sue from St Martins, lived here for nearly 34 years (still a newbe!). B) Recently retired and will be spending more time at the Centre in St Martins. See my posting on the St Martins Chat
  15. It was thought that a new school with a new concept, needed a new start and it will be the first All-through school in Shropshire. The Local and school community were consulted and a list of name were put forward to be voted on and St Martins School (telling people where it is) came out on top but it should be noted that there is a subtitle of 3-16 Learning Community, which tells people what it is.
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