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    I noticed something this week; that on the 12th October the Community Online forum was 3 years old and if you are wondering what the number in the Topic Title is then take a look at the figures below. In the 3 years the forum has been live: 242 members have joined 433 people followed the Twitter page 113 people 'liked' the Facebook page 711 Topics have been posted 10 local businesses advertised in the business section 3,286 posts have been made and a whopping 311,432 views have been made to posts on the forum. I hope that you'll agree thats pretty impressive for a local website. I also have a very exciting project in the pipeline, as things progress I will keep you updated. So thanks for the past 3 years, I'll keep moderating the forums, posting stuff and keeping all the workings up to date and running smoothly. All you need to do is keep posting topics, adding events to the calendar and adding pictures to the gallery, because community forums aren't about me posting things its about the members of our community sharing information with each other, collaborating and hopefully making the place in which we live better for everyone. See you in the forums, Lee
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    Simple Simon

    Poppy Field, Gobowen

    Another shot of the field of blooming poppies looking toward Bryn y Castell Coppice, July 2012.
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    Community Online are proud to annouce that it has won the Media Trust Inspiring Voices Award. Quote from Media Trust’s marketing director, Gavin Sheppard: “We know that there is a wealth of great media work already going on in the community, but we were especially impressed by Community Online. This project provides a valuable communication channel for those living in the villages and is a true example of community reporting in action These awards recognise the achievements of projects like Community Online that have used media to promote a positive change in their local community. Whether it’s creating an online forum to connect local people or making a film to promote awareness of an issue, anyone can use the media for the good of their local community. I hope that the success of Community Online will inspire others in Shropshire to share their story and connect with the local community” To read the full press release download the attached PDF Media Trust Press Release.pdf
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    Just a quick news update to say to that Community Online will be available at the Weston Rhyn Youthclub Victorian Tea on Saturday 18th February. So if you have any questions or would like some advice this would be a great time to have a catch up. We will have a couple of computers there if people want a demonstration or need any help in signing up. Information about the Victorian Tea is in the calendar here.....
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    Community Online

    Competition Winners

    Winners of a personalised Community Online Mug are....... Smithy rachyowen Maggie Matt H Liam Hope Vuyo Madikezela Simple Simon Neo cazzie1dav Justin (Teddy) Cliffe RobGreene Shooting Folk Zoe B Well done!
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    Chirk Bank Community Group

    What about having a go at clearing thecanal embankment slope on the Gledrid side of Avondale? Its a scrubby mess, and sycamores are growing up to hide the view. There is a seat there, but doubt you could see very much at present. Could this then be sowed with wildflower seeds? The brambles are choking out the rosebay willow herb which are very pretty where they flower. It would also be nice to put a planter or 2 alongside the canal in Chirk Bank.
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    Oswestry Equality Group

    Thank you to everybody at St Martins this afternoon for making us so welcome. We hope to be able to work together much more in the future.
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    We've recently awarded Community Chest grants to Fusion Arts Oswestry and The New Saints Community Foundation for summer holiday activities for young people in each of the villages of Gobowen, St Martins and Weston Rhyn. Starting from Saturday 18th July and running until the end of August. Full details on our website http://www.big-local.org/youthactivitiessummer2015-327
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    Andy Rimmer

    First Aid Course

    That's what we're hoping Maggie, however if anyone is struggling and would like to get to this one, get them to give me a shout. it would be a shame to miss out for the sake of coordinating a lift.
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    I may have some wonderful news for you, Rob: My spies have been out and they tell me that a meeting was held to discuss the old station and the possibility of turning it into a "community hub". I've been informed that representatives from Cambrian Railways, SCURA, Chirk Railway Station, Selattyn & Gobowen Parish Council and Shropshire Town & Rural Housing were in attendance. Apparently they discussed the possibility of relocating Gobowen library there, developing a café and waiting room, perhaps a ticket office...maybe even having a bridge to cross the line from one platform to the other. Those present think they can obtain the building without payment.
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    Saw this objection by Sue Cowley (Whittington Parish Clerk) in the 'Public Comments' section of the Application : Comment submitted date: Tue 11 Nov 2014 Members of Whittington Parish Council feel that this application should be deferred as there is not enough information to make a reasonable judgment on the impact to the quality and character of the countryside. There should have been public consultation meetings held in the parishes that are affected by this application. The meeting for Selattyn and Gobowen, the parish mainly affected by this application, is due on November, this should have been held before in this parish not St Martins. As Whittington is also affected this application should be deferred until a public meeting in the parish is arranged. Unfortunately, Sue has quoted the wrong date for the meeting which is why it is not shown above (to avoid any more confusion!) The Meeting is, of course, on the Thursday 20th November in the Pavilion at 7.00 pm Lets hope that the very least our Parish Councillors will do, is the same as Whittington.
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    At What Cost...

    Just seen the reports of the court case online. My take on the subject: If I lived in Gobowen I'd be very, very, wary of neighbours who are taking photos - covertly or otherwise. The reporting in both the publications I saw was somewhat misleading. Mainly in that the dog Little Boy was said in court to have "severe mange." Everyone saw the photos of Little Boy when he was being taken away from the house - does that look like a dog with "Severe Mange?" That dog was killed by the RSPCA. The report in the Daily Mail said the RSPCA inspector said they were barely recognisable as dogs. Well, it looks like a BORDER COLLIE to me. If an RSPCA inspector can't recognise this as a dog - then there is no hope. I know that many people in Gobowen will think the situation reflects badly on them - and it does. Because all it goes to show is that when people get old and when they have been independant and are losing that independance, all people do is criticise, judge, blame and attack. I have been to Gobowen and I kinda liked it. A small, close knit, supportive non-judgemental community. At least it was when I was there which was a long time ago. I'm sorry for all concerned. At every level this situation has highlighted the problems with today's culture and mentallity. What happened to a little bit of help is worth a lot of sympathy? We are getting to be a nation of old people - so remember, next time, it could be you. I wish the residents of Gobowen a peaceful future.
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    Brilliant archery session this morning - thanks to Nic Pickles and helpers. Sports hall tomorrow and Thursday at 10.00 - 12.00 followed by swimming at 2.00 both sessions £2. CIRCUS SKILLS FRIDAY 10.00 - 12.00. Ages 8+ FREE.
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    My daughter had a fab time on Wednesday, thank you. She's looking forward to Archery on Tuesday (and bringing a friend :) !!).
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    At What Cost...

    ....and what about his poor old dog that was snatched away and then put down. How frightening was that! I cannot believe the autocratic way this has been performed. Why didn't anyone talk to the neighbours first about what was maybe needed? Don't RSPCA realise that there is a mutual relationship between owners and pets, usually based on love and respect on both sides. It's all well and good to sweep in with guns blazing when intentional cruelty occurs, but in many cases what is needed is support and help for the owners and animals, not this sort of shocking event. It's all one sided.
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    aquarian-photography Cic

    Are you UnLtd?

    Hi Lee, I am a Unltd award winner, just now rolling out practical photography courses for beginners. Im trying to give people who find it hard to get time for themselves (carers) and the older members out there. new hobbies so that they can get out and enjoy new things. First course is being held in St Martins Centre starting Monday April the 8th 10-1pm. everyone welcome, bring your camera along or hire a dslr cmera to use, limited supply. 5 week block course, can guarantee it will be a fun and easy going course.
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    Well said that man! I know how hard the youth club committee, and Lee in particular, worked over the years to keep the youth club going, despite the lack of support from many in the village. I know how much work goes in to each application for funding, whether or not they are successful. No way is it 'just a couple of 18 year old girls' who are needed. Shropshire council do not give grants out for this sort of thing, other than via the LJC, which has supported the youth club in the past, but nowhere near the levels of funding needed to cover room hire (£1000 from Stute plus various amounts for supposed damage caused by the youth club), Insurances, activities etc etc. It is a bit late in the day for the Quinta to offer use of its facilities to the youth club, maybe this should have been done a few years ago; one costly problem in Weston Rhyn is that transport is needed to get young people to many activities because Weston Rhyn has few local facilities. Mr Bullen seems to have a very naive idea about what is needed to get a youth club running and even more naive idea that there is a plentiful supply of money sitting in 'the council' just waiting to be asked for... I wish! Many of us have supported the fundraising activities in the village over the years, such as a race night, Victorian Fair, etc etc. all of which have taken hours and hours of organizing. The youth club committee were very successful in getting grants too, But in the end it was all too much and the youth club folded this summer. It is my belief that if there had been more support from the village, and the Stute committee in particular, then we would still have a youth club, however, if Mr Bullen manages to get a youth club going again then I will also support his efforts via any fundraising activities etc he plans. Weston Rhyn village should support all its citizens, and that includes the sometimes stroppy teenagers. (I'd be more than stroppy if I was still young and stuck without transport with nothing to do in such an anti-youth village).
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    motorcross track

    Motorcycles have been my passion for almost 40 years, yet I strongly doubt that a motorcross track, somewhere near Gobowen will have any impact on the current group that are using childrens offroad motorbikes illegally, dangerously and antisocially in the village now. They are also, in my opinion , unlikely to use any 'legitimate' track due to the likely restrictions of that kind of venture- not least of which will be the need to transport machines by some other means. One would like to think that it could be their fathers, but their influence is notable by its absence from my observation. However, if there really is sufficient demand, you will receive the support that you are going to need. I wish you well.
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    In coiffure and dress no women excel Those who in Oswalds’s city dwell. Adorned in Cheapside’s merchandise, Harmonious her citizens, and wise.” From ‘In Praise of Oswestry’ by Guto'r Glyn (transl DM Lloyd) In the 15th century one of the most well known Welsh poets was Guto’r Glyn. At that time poets were held in great esteem and received patronage from landowners and gentry. His poems are full of colourful descriptions of every day life and allow us modern readers to glimpse something of how things were in the medieval border towns and grand feudal estates. One of the most famous and complete poems is ‘In Praise of Oswestry’ and it is obvious that he knew the town and its inhabitants very well indeed. Guto’r Glyn’s fame is now being revived by a University of Wales project to reconstruct and compile a new, full collection of his surviving poetry, complete with English translations, and descriptions of Medieval life in the 15th century. This will be launched as an on-line resource in September 2012. Here are links to this project: http://www.wales.ac.uk/en/CentreforAdvancedWelshCelticStudies/ResearchProjects/CurrentProjects/Poetry and a call for papers for the project wind up conference http://www.wales.ac.uk/Resources/Documents/Centre/2012/Galwad-am-Bapurau-SaesnegMedi2012.pdf Guto’r Glyn wrote poems, cywyddau, that praised his patrons, and were written to be read or sung aloud. It is a fascinating insight into the northern borders of Wales and England that poems about Chester and Oswestry and Edward IV were written in Welsh, and that he was obviously a popular poet in an area where Welsh was common place. He describes fine living and feasts in lavish medieval homes, with a lot of interesting detail and lively descriptions which bring that world to life. Guto’r Glyn’s early life is not well known. He was born either in Glyn Ceiriog or Glyndyfrdwy sometime beween 1412 and 1420. He was brought up in the Ceiriog and was obviously a local boy. He was already well known as a poet by the 1430’s. He was large, black haired and bearded and was from a farming community and once lost some sheep whilst working as a drover and was then accused of selling them in Oswestry. In 1441 he enlisted and fought on the Yorkists side during the War of the Roses. He fought in France too. In later years he went bald and then blind and lived out his final years in Valle Crucis abbey in Llangollen, dying in about 1493 A fuller description is on Wikipedia, with references. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guto'r_Glyn and here on National Library of Wales site http://wbo.llgc.org.uk/en/s-GUTO-GLY-1440.html There is a book about his life: Rees, E. A life of Guto'r Glyn, Y Lolfa, 2008, pp.19-20, which is still in print. I really like his poem about Oswestry and look forward to a new version when the Guto’r Glyn project is launched. I love the bits about fine wine shops and good beer, and well dressed ladies… Nothing’s changed then! Derek Williams from Oswestry Library gave me a photocopy of a translation of ‘In Praise of Oswestry’ done by DM Lloyd. It's from A Book of Wales edited by D.M. and E.M. Lloyd (Collins, 1953). I have typed it out again and here it is in full. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. In Praise of Oswestry Guto’r Glyn c.1412- c.1493 Transl from Welsh by D.M.Lloyd Hill-countryman in younger days, Now with grey hairs I’ve changed my ways; My faltering steps prefer the town, Within its walls I’ll settle down, My jaded stomach milk will scorn, And calls for physic night and morn, A wandering poet near life’s goal Prefers his flask and pewter bowl, Warmth and comfort and friendly cheer, Fresh meat, white flour, and good beer. The timbered homes of lowland lea Restore my health like the green tree, Hence the home which shall be mine In Marchland where are mead and wine; Generous and true, a friendly town, Gracious, gifted, of high renown; The castle with its curtain wall Famed far as Rome above them all: Oswald’s town, where Christ is loved, To the conqueror a treasure proved. The London of our Owain’s land, With orchards rich and wine-shops grand, A school that’s free, and of wide fame, The town of preachers of good name; In a temple rich the Host they raise- Men in grammar and metrics beyond praise, A church supreme, and jewelled chalice, Clear bells, and an organ in God’s palace, A tuneful choir-a well-trained band, Vestments famed throughout the land; Where find you clergy as good and bright As they who serve in that temple white? In coiffure and dress no women excel Those who in Oswalds’s city dwell. Adorned in Cheapside’s merchandise, Harmonious her citizens, and wise. A tall Earl rules that city bright, An Earl who is England’s proud delight; May God in his grace preserve him long To maintain his rule, a guardian strong Over commons and yeomen proud and free, And citizens too of higher degree. Among these men I too, would stay As one of them to live my day. My muse to leave this town no more Would strive than the sea to leave the shore. Long wedded here, a burgess am I, To whom should I pay my fee, should I try? May Oswald’s citizens hold their hand Till hair on my head again will stand! If suddenly I’m called five pounds to pay, My fellows will aid me without delay. Among gracious folk whose hearts were true, Owain Waed Da was a burgess too; He had only to sing among his friends To gain his greatly coveted ends. The privilege I seek is what came his way, My burgess rights let none gainstay! A cowyth I offer, a song in court- Good poetry avoids great hurt. The muse’s solace is a gift more blest Than a noble of gold in the city chest; More lasting than gold, of greater fame, As Welshmen have sung, is our good name. To my fellow-townsmen sing then will I And my welcome will hold until I die: No more will I wander without consent To offer my song where once I went.
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    Paul Drury

    Street and Road Problems?

    speeding through Gobowen past the playing fields and also past the school on the old A5 is a problem. as for parking on the st Martins road out side the Chapel, the gates are left open on the playing field car park with more than ample parking, but having said that parking outside the chapel does slow the traffic down, but is also dangerous.The ball being kicked out of the MUGA on to the the road outside the playing as caused a few near misses.
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    Introduce yourself..........

    Don't you think that hobbits probably live down in the little nooks and crannies in Glyn Morlas? Bugger otters, I'm always on the look out for hairy feet when I'm along the Ceiriog. (after all Morda is only the other side of Oswestry)
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    Free Sports Activity Day

    3PYA are running a FREE sports/activity day at Rhyn Park Sports Hall on Saturday 10th March from 1pm until 4pm. It is aimed at all youth aged 10 and above within the parishes of Weston Rhyn, St.Martins, Gobowen and Selattyn. There will be a wide range of activities for all abilities and should be lots of fun. Refreshments will be available. The event will be run by Jamie Stafford and supported by youth leaders from Weston Rhyn, St.Martins and Gobowen. If you need assistance with transport please contact your youth leaders or call 07582002023
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    Gobowen Station

    This is an image of Gobowen Station in 1956 that I have nicked off Wikipedia. (It's Creative Commons). This beautiful GWR covered Footbridge was removed in 1987, and is the sort of thing I would like to see put in in Gobowen, to be in keeping with the stations's Listed buildings. One day someone will be taking one of these down at a station improvements project and we could ask for it to be relocated here.
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    WR Youthclub

    Racenight Success

    A huge thanks to everyone who came to the Racenight, sponsored races or donated raffle prizes. It was a huge success and hopefully everyone had a great time. We raised an amazing £1100 for the Youthclub, as well as £120 for Cancer Research UK from the raffle. :D
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    © Community Online

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    Community Online

    Raindrops on Roses..

    craigemery...... maybe, just maybe, this forum will get like minded people together to organise some of the events you mention. It appears to me that there are a lot of people who say, I miss or I wish we had... and if they got together then we could put all these events back on.
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    First user

    It's really good to be the first on to post a message on this part of the Community Chat site. I want to say to my fellow residents in St Martins what a wonderful place to live and can I ask anyone who loves living here, join this topic and post their views on what it is they find particualy good about living in this village. You could also share the thing that you think might improve the village. Come on, have your say, you never know you might make a difference!
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    Regarding the amount of discarded litter: I do have some experience in this field, and I would suggest that it is far too late to get children or even adults to pay more respect to the environment. However, I would say that perhaps the large global multi-billion dollar profit making companies that produce the packaging for the takeaways should pay a contribution for its collection when irresponsibly discarded.
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    Oswestry Equality Group

    Oswestry Equality Group’s successful summer The Equality Group has a new tag-line – Equal people, equal voice. With this in mind, we have been involved in a variety of projects this summer. These have included talks on the role of local press by Colin Channon, the new editor of the Tizer, the role of trade unions by a regional Unite co-ordinator and also the Special Olympics by Brian Johnson, Chair of Special Olympics North Shropshire. The group felt very strongly that those with learning disabilities involved with the Special Olympics are not treated in the same way as all of the Olympians who have been to Rio. They have also worked in conjunction with Oswestry Library to put on a very successful Celebrating Age Day. Next term’s programme is very much focused on youth. On September 22ndSarah Smith, who is a Senior Support Worker at New Century Court (NCC) in Oswestry will be speaking about homelessness among young people. Sarah is an experienced worker who has worked at NCC for 2 years, where they support young people (aged 16 – 25) who are homeless or at risk of becoming so, to develop their life skills so that they can go on and live independently. She will be talking about the impact of homelessness on a young person’s life and the kind of situation that these young people experience before they get to NCC. She will be accompanied by at least one of their customers who is happy to talk about their experiences. These young people have had a difficult time and we should give them every opportunity to tell us what they have experienced and how they feel about their situation and the support that they are receiving. On October 20th Bill and Lynn Morris from the Kenyan Schools Project will speak about young people in Kenya. It should be interesting to find out what similarities and differences there are between their young people and ours. This will all be followed by a discussion of young people’s mental health on November 17th Kay Brophy, who is a Counsellor and Psychologist, set up Acorn Families four years ago to provide counselling services to schools for children, young people and their families. She will talk about the mental health problems that school age people face. She will be accompanied by John Slowley who will talk about mental health issues in pre-school children. All of these meetings are held at 7.30pm in the Upper Room at Cabin Lane Church. A donation of £1 is requested to pay for the room hire. Light refreshments are included. Anybody who would like to find out more about these meetings or the group can contact Penny Rice on 01691 680382 or e-mail oswestryequalitygroup@gmail.com.
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    Community Online should it continue?

    Most definitely it should continue. Advertising will certainly help. Anyone wishing to know more, and uncertain about accessing the site on a computer, I'm sure can get all the help they need by dropping in to the Pavilion (Gobowen Playing Fields) on a Thursday mornings (10 til 12). Everyone is very helpful, enthusiastic, and very willing to assist - (AND IT'S FREE!!!)
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    Winter 2012 Edition Roundabout Winter12.pdf
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    Andy Rimmer

    First Aid Course

    So the first of our Everyday First Aid in the Home has happened, thanks to St Martins CFR's and the extremely keen and attentive students. There will be two more courses in the autumn, one in Weston Rhyn and one in Gobowen.
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    Three Parishes Big Local and UnLtd.

    Several of us have already received UnLtd grants to develop projects and can vouch for what a good organisation this is and that there is not only money available, but lots of support as well, so if you have a good idea then really really look at contacting them.
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    Coal Bed Methane

    and here is a second, more detailed report of the meeting last night from the Shropshire Star http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2014/06/24/methane-gas-drilling-in-shropshire-bonkers/
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    Coal Bed Methane

    Is it correct Luke that coal gassification is almost untried, and has failed catastrophically in Australia?
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    Mens Shed

    Are any chaps in Weston Rhyn interested in getting together and forming a Mens Shed group? I'm just back from Islington where I visited various 'growing It' projects (Big Local event). One community building had a very active Mens Shed Group, who made things, (lot of recycling going on), used the computers, played darts and snooker, went on trips (to pubs) or just hung out . I thought it was a great idea, What do you all think? Here is a link to a website, (but the Islington one was more leisure based) http://menssheds.org.uk/
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    Community Online

    Introduce yourself..........

    Welcome to the Forum Robin and welcome to our part of the world :)
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    I think I also put forward the idea, following the fact that you cannot get your car tax from the village Post Office, to make a big thing about helping people do their car tax online at the Institute. Get them in the door, sell them tea/coffee and a cake :)
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    Super fast broadband

    I assume that is because Gobowen is on the Oswestry exchange and they are being upgraded to BT infinity. We over in Weston Rhyn are coming off the Chirk exchange and I think they still have women plugging in wires to connect calls. I used to find in Weston Rhyn the broadband speeds were very hit and miss, I was getting as low as 120k when the street not 50m away were getting 8mb at exactly the same time.
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    Community Online


    We are already 3 weeks into 2013 and the Community Online Forum is just over 15months old. Here is a few statistics about Community Online 158 Forum Members 66 Facebook 'Likes' 206 Twitter Followers 359 New Topics Posted 1676 Total Posts 179,568 Topic Views!! Community Online is all about allowing the local community to meet, to collaborate, to bring our community closer together and in some way hope that we can make a difference to the community in which we live and make it a better place for everyone. However, it relies on you, so get posting, get commenting and get involved in the Community in which you live. See you in the forums, Lee Barnfield Founder of Community Online
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    motorcross track

    Neo, Fantastic idea, this kind of project ticks a lot of potential funding boxes. Nice idea to get local experts to join the project, this kind of community interaction is a funding gold star. Sophsmiler - Go for it. Pitch this idea to Andy from UnLtd and see how you get on. Good Luck
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    It seems that the group of local youths who regularly congregate in the woods to light fires and "Pass the kouchie" are becoming more brazen with their antics. Just last weekend the local plod were called by elderly residents in Foxes Field as the group had earmarked the grassed area near the Whittington Road entrance as the venue for their latest Pow-Wow. The natives had constructed a fire,the likes of which Ray Mears would have been proud, but fortunately didnt light it. They were breaking trees and openly passing around the peace pipe in view of the elderly residents. Unfortunately the group had departed the scene prior to the polices arrival:( Whatever next...? Construction of a Totem Pole on the Roundabout.
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    Green Room Go For G-Olympics

    Is it G-Olympics or GO-lympics? I like GO-lympics :)
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    Dangerous Drivers on Country lanes.

    I beg to differ Lee, when I was taught to drive the first thing my instructer told me was 'you are now in charge of a potential dangerous piece of machinery'. Skillful driving comes with age and experience, I've noticed a lot of boy racers round here and this is not only directed to the young uns and fast driving is an issue. Agreed Common sense (which unfortunately seems to be going sparingly nowadays) is key, but also curteousy for others, not just other drivers but all people. I think driving fast is dangerous and show little regard for others and indeed themselves, it only takes one instance no matter how competent you think you are and its game over if not for you but for some other poor bugger. As this is mostly a rural location and you have livestock, horses, tractors etc on the roads as well as cars, fast driving is remarkably stupid and speaks volumes of the person who feels the need to outwardly show their prowess on the roads and indeed what that person is lacking in everyday life.
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    Hi I am the project leader at the Green Room and just for the record the main reason the youth session does not open more than 3 sessions a month is the cost involved. We need a minimum of 2 people to open and are fortunate to have a volunteer who helps every week. It is unfair to say that the parish council are to blame for there being only 3 to 4 sessions a month. If peopel come forward and are happy to volunteer we may be able to open more often. We have Awards for All funding and have some sports and media sessions to arrange so as soon as we are ready to role news will be posted. If anyone has time to spare please ring Julie on 01691 677301
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    Hi there!! I work for BTCV Cymru (British Trust for Conservation Volunteers). We are just putting in a funding application for a conservation project including engagement with the community along the new World Heritage area which spans from Lion Quays, Chirk down to Horseshoe Falls, Llangollen. If you are and know of others who are keen to learn about nature and the environment and would like to help us to create new nature reserves along the canal, then please get in touch and if we are successful in getting the funding it would be great to work with you. My email is a dot fairclough at btcv dot org dot uk Look forward to hearing from you. Alex.
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    Simple Simon

    Wat's Meadow

    Wat's Meadow was partly built a couple of years ago. It was planned to be a new housing estate on the outskirts of Gobowen. A new roundabout just outside the village was created to allow access for residents as the estate would be sandwiched between the Wrexham Road and the railway line. However, the recession hit and the estate was never completed, but a number of houses were finished. I'm not sure if any of them are occupied. I've learnt that there are also plans to develop the old coal yard situated behind the railway station with afordable houses, but the market is so depressed and there doesn't seem to be any sign of an upturn in the foreseeable future. Shouldn't we concentrate on bringing old or unused properties back into use first?
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    'Stitch and Bitch' or Knit and Natter?

    Brief Update: I have applied to LJC for some funding to get this off the ground, so I now need anyone who is interested to get in touch. I am thinking to physically start meetings after Easter, which gives time to put something in the Wren and to get a group of people together, and to get some ideas about what people want to do. I am wonderring what sort of time and days suit the most people?
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    Community Online

    First user

    Welcome to the forum suescho,
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