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Report to Annual Parish Meetings

David G Lloyd


Shropshire Councillor David Lloyd’s Report to the Annual Parish Meetings of Gobowen and Weston Rhyn

It has been helpful to have worked in collaboration with both Parish Councils and also St Martins through Shropshire Council’s Local Joint Committee.

LJC 1, as it is known, has provided a valuable forum to debate local concerns and has over four years distributed over £90,000 to encourage and fund a wide range of organisations that do so much good within our communities. This is localism in the true sense and will become increasingly important in times to come.

A benefit of being Speaker has ensured my direct access to the administration on key issues such as road safety and highway issues and opposing unlawful encampments and unwelcome developments in open countryside. I was pleased to support the redevelopment of Brookield Close but less so with the imminent consequences of a freeing up planning to stimulate investment in hosing.

One must also keep a watchful eye on the impact of changes in the benefit system.

Working closely with Owen Paterson MP has ensured that health and care issues in the locality get regular scrutiny and I am determined that the replacement of Shropdoc and reorganisation of the ambulance service don’t impact on patient safety.

Vigilance will be needed to ensure that the best interests of youngsters moving on from our Primary Schools in Weston Rhyn and Gobowen are safeguarded. Numbers and the success of Selattyn Schol has fully justified my total opposition to the original threat of closure.

Despite the lack of public support nationally for the appointment of police commissioners, we must work constructively with the West Mercia Commissioner to secure effective local policing following the retirement of a number of well respected officers.

Shropshire Council has been faced with the on-going challenge of doing more with less but has kept its promise not to increase Council Tax. This means that this year those living in the former Oswestry Borough will be paying the lowest rate in the county.

Finally, my thanks to those with whom I have been privileged to work and represent.


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