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Week Five & Six...... Ice Skating

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Missed the week 5 update, can't recall why now. Perhaps I was still suffering from being frozen out on the bike in sub zero conditions, didnt quite feel that cold when I left but certainly was when I returned. Hands were frozen and couldn't hold the bars as well as feet like blocks of ice., and the pain when it all thawed out was..... well not pleasant :(

No Wednesday night footy so I have been back at Turbo's and squeezing the gym sessions/swims so all going reasonably well.

Slight mechanical fault on the last ride, with rear mech failure, cable retention bolt decided to fall off so I couldnt get any gears. Which reminds me I need to get that sorted before Wednesdays turbo session.

Weight looks like its going to the right way too...... if the initial reading on the scales was correct I am now nearly 7kg lighter (about 15.5lb) in ummm 5 weeks is it?

So here we go...... week 6

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