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Week Four...... Sticky Situations

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Well here we are, end of January and entering my 4th week of "training" This week has been a little shuffled about due to the Carling and FA Cup competitions, but Liverpool came out of that well :D Fitted in the 3 gym sessions, 2 runs and 2 swim drill sets. Got the Garmin sensor fitted to the bike now, so yesterdays ride was GPS tracked and monitoring speed, cadence and heart rate.

Made the decision to get the tyre glued on to my 808 yesterday and to be honest it wasn't too bad a job, I guess time will tell if my skills will actually keep the tyre on the rim. :wacko:

Generally feeling like the training is paying off, effort sessions aren't feeling quite so laboured as they were a couple of weeks back, and the bike and run times are getting quicker. If I am putting my trust in to the scales at the gym, then I am another 1kg lighter.

Should be a relatively normal training week, so here we go week 4........

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