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Speeding on the B5069 Gobowen to St. Martin's section and probably the entire length of it.   I live near the derestriction signs at the top of the hill at Rhewl and I am very concerned that if this sign is not replaced by one limiting the speed to 40mph, and repeated in both directions at stages, it will not be long before someone is killed.  There have been numerous accidents over the years on this most dangerous road and I would like to hear from others who might help me try to persuade the authorities to take action.  Early morning and evening rush hours are the most dangerous times to be on or even near this road.

We really do need signs similar to those on the Whitchurch to Nantes road where there are regularly spaced 40mph limit signs.


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There are speed restriction signs at the top of the hill by Rhewl.   They might just as well not be there as few motorists heed them.  It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed and I would be grateful if local people would contact https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/highways-and-traffic/traffic-management/ to back my request for more police observation. It would also be a good idea if parents and local schools would educate children to respect our beautiful environ



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