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    There are speed restriction signs at the top of the hill by Rhewl.   They might just as well not be there as few motorists heed them.  It is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed and I would be grateful if local people would contact https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/highways-and-traffic/traffic-management/ to back my request for more police observation.

    It would also be a good idea if parents and local schools would educate children to respect our beautiful environment and not just drop litter when they have finished their takeaways etc.

  1. The syllabus for the 2014 festival is now available from the Guildhall, Oswestry or from <[url="http://www.oswestry-tc.gov.uk/home.html"]http://www.oswestry-tc.gov.uk/home.html[/url]>

    Follow our Twitter account: OsYMF
    or Facebook: Oswestry Youth Music Festival
  2. Shropshire Councillor David Lloyd’s Report to the Annual Parish Meetings of Gobowen and Weston Rhyn

    It has been helpful to have worked in collaboration with both Parish Councils and also St Martins through Shropshire Council’s Local Joint Committee.

    LJC 1, as it is known, has provided a valuable forum to debate local concerns and has over four years distributed over £90,000 to encourage and fund a wide range of organisations that do so much good within our communities. This is localism in the true sense and will become increasingly important in times to come.

    A benefit of being Speaker has ensured my direct access to the administration on key issues such as road safety and highway issues and opposing unlawful encampments and unwelcome developments in open countryside. I was pleased to support the redevelopment of Brookield Close but less so with the imminent consequences of a freeing up planning to stimulate investment in hosing.

    One must also keep a watchful eye on the impact of changes in the benefit system.

    Working closely with Owen Paterson MP has ensured that health and care issues in the locality get regular scrutiny and I am determined that the replacement of Shropdoc and reorganisation of the ambulance service don’t impact on patient safety.

    Vigilance will be needed to ensure that the best interests of youngsters moving on from our Primary Schools in Weston Rhyn and Gobowen are safeguarded. Numbers and the success of Selattyn Schol has fully justified my total opposition to the original threat of closure.

    Despite the lack of public support nationally for the appointment of police commissioners, we must work constructively with the West Mercia Commissioner to secure effective local policing following the retirement of a number of well respected officers.

    Shropshire Council has been faced with the on-going challenge of doing more with less but has kept its promise not to increase Council Tax. This means that this year those living in the former Oswestry Borough will be paying the lowest rate in the county.

    Finally, my thanks to those with whom I have been privileged to work and represent.


  3. In coiffure and dress no women excel

    Those who in Oswalds’s city dwell.

    Adorned in Cheapside’s merchandise,

    Harmonious her citizens, and wise.”

    From ‘In Praise of Oswestry’ by Guto'r Glyn (transl DM Lloyd)

    In the 15th century one of the most well known Welsh poets was Guto’r Glyn. At that time poets were held in great esteem and received patronage from landowners and gentry. His poems are full of colourful descriptions of every day life and allow us modern readers to glimpse something of how things were in the medieval border towns and grand feudal estates. One of the most famous and complete poems is ‘In Praise of Oswestry’ and it is obvious that he knew the town and its inhabitants very well indeed.

    Guto’r Glyn’s fame is now being revived by a University of Wales project to reconstruct and compile a new, full collection of his surviving poetry, complete with English translations, and descriptions of Medieval life in the 15th century. This will be launched as an on-line resource in September 2012.

    Here are links to this project:


    and a call for papers for the project wind up conference


    Guto’r Glyn wrote poems, cywyddau, that praised his patrons, and were written to be read or sung aloud. It is a fascinating insight into the northern borders of Wales and England that poems about Chester and Oswestry and Edward IV were written in Welsh, and that he was obviously a popular poet in an area where Welsh was common place. He describes fine living and feasts in lavish medieval homes, with a lot of interesting detail and lively descriptions which bring that world to life.

    Guto’r Glyn’s early life is not well known. He was born either in Glyn Ceiriog or Glyndyfrdwy sometime beween 1412 and 1420. He was brought up in the Ceiriog and was obviously a local boy. He was already well known as a poet by the 1430’s. He was large, black haired and bearded and was from a farming community and once lost some sheep whilst working as a drover and was then accused of selling them in Oswestry. In 1441 he enlisted and fought on the Yorkists side during the War of the Roses. He fought in France too. In later years he went bald and then blind and lived out his final years in Valle Crucis abbey in Llangollen, dying in about 1493

    A fuller description is on Wikipedia, with references. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guto'r_Glyn

    and here on National Library of Wales site http://wbo.llgc.org.uk/en/s-GUTO-GLY-1440.html

    There is a book about his life: Rees, E. A life of Guto'r Glyn, Y Lolfa, 2008, pp.19-20, which is still in print.

    I really like his poem about Oswestry and look forward to a new version when the Guto’r Glyn project is launched. I love the bits about fine wine shops and good beer, and well dressed ladies… Nothing’s changed then!

    Derek Williams from Oswestry Library gave me a photocopy of a translation of ‘In Praise of Oswestry’ done by DM Lloyd. It's from A Book of Wales edited by D.M. and E.M. Lloyd (Collins, 1953). I have typed it out again and here it is in full. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    In Praise of Oswestry

    Guto’r Glyn c.1412- c.1493

    Transl from Welsh by D.M.Lloyd

    Hill-countryman in younger days,

    Now with grey hairs I’ve changed my ways;

    My faltering steps prefer the town,

    Within its walls I’ll settle down,

    My jaded stomach milk will scorn,

    And calls for physic night and morn,

    A wandering poet near life’s goal

    Prefers his flask and pewter bowl,

    Warmth and comfort and friendly cheer,

    Fresh meat, white flour, and good beer.

    The timbered homes of lowland lea

    Restore my health like the green tree,

    Hence the home which shall be mine

    In Marchland where are mead and wine;

    Generous and true, a friendly town,

    Gracious, gifted, of high renown;

    The castle with its curtain wall

    Famed far as Rome above them all:

    Oswald’s town, where Christ is loved,

    To the conqueror a treasure proved.

    The London of our Owain’s land,

    With orchards rich and wine-shops grand,

    A school that’s free, and of wide fame,

    The town of preachers of good name;

    In a temple rich the Host they raise-

    Men in grammar and metrics beyond praise,

    A church supreme, and jewelled chalice,

    Clear bells, and an organ in God’s palace,

    A tuneful choir-a well-trained band,

    Vestments famed throughout the land;

    Where find you clergy as good and bright

    As they who serve in that temple white?

    In coiffure and dress no women excel

    Those who in Oswalds’s city dwell.

    Adorned in Cheapside’s merchandise,

    Harmonious her citizens, and wise.

    A tall Earl rules that city bright,

    An Earl who is England’s proud delight;

    May God in his grace preserve him long

    To maintain his rule, a guardian strong

    Over commons and yeomen proud and free,

    And citizens too of higher degree.

    Among these men I too, would stay

    As one of them to live my day.

    My muse to leave this town no more

    Would strive than the sea to leave the shore.

    Long wedded here, a burgess am I,

    To whom should I pay my fee, should I try?

    May Oswald’s citizens hold their hand

    Till hair on my head again will stand!

    If suddenly I’m called five pounds to pay,

    My fellows will aid me without delay.

    Among gracious folk whose hearts were true,

    Owain Waed Da was a burgess too;

    He had only to sing among his friends

    To gain his greatly coveted ends.

    The privilege I seek is what came his way,

    My burgess rights let none gainstay!

    A cowyth I offer, a song in court-

    Good poetry avoids great hurt.

    The muse’s solace is a gift more blest

    Than a noble of gold in the city chest;

    More lasting than gold, of greater fame,

    As Welshmen have sung, is our good name.

    To my fellow-townsmen sing then will I

    And my welcome will hold until I die:

    No more will I wander without consent

    To offer my song where once I went.

  4. Well, 15th April saw the Chirk Triathlon take place so did the winter training pay off?

    I was 4 minutes faster than last year in my personal best time of 1hr 14mins 39 seconds.

    Strangely, I feel disappointed somehow.... 4 minutes on last year is a fair chunk of time but maybe I thought there was more in the tank.

    Right, next triathlon....... Cheshire.

  5. Congratulations to Mrs Joan King from Chirk Bank who has won the giant milk chocolate Easter egg donated by The Vale Of Llangollen Lions Club today!

    I managed to sell 94/100 tickets for the raffle, thank you to everyone that bought them! :)

  6. http://my.sportrelief.com/search/event/result?id=1107#location=oswestry

    Please enter The Venue @ Park Hall Sports Relief mile . 25th March starts at 11am .

    Please contact sarah.barton@gotothevenue.com if you require anymore details or you would like to help marshal the event .

    Thankyou :)

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    I will be in the area on Friday the 16th March PM. If you would like to meet with me to discuss the Star People programme or an idea you have for a project get in touch at louisecannon@unltd.org.uk



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    We have had a lovely time listening and joining with the Carol singing around the Christmas tree at the institute. It was great to see the event so well supported by the community, with people of all ages turning out on a winters eve for some festive fun. This was rewarded not only with the singing but afterwards with sherry and a mince pie in the institute.

    It really got me into the Christmas Spirit and I am now looking forward to the rest of the holidays.

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